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My Cycle: Getting Started

Hello Everyone I have a few questions I need answered. Im in my late 20s , and am starting my 1st cycle of decca , and I also have some testren 5mg pills. I am currently on a strict diet of 350grams of protien a day, and workingh out hard for about 50 minutes 6 days a week < 1 day for hard cardio> im not taking any other supplements except the decca , test, and protein.

I started the cycle this week , how long should it take before i can expect to see any gains , and is there any advice someone can give me to maximize the gains Ill get , with the tools i am using.

Some questions first, did you frontload your cycle? if you did you’ll expect to be seeing strength increases in about 2 to 3 weeks, size increases about after a month. But if you didn’t frontload then it will take longer. Hope this helps

dont wanna sound stupid , but im all new to this . what do you mean by front load?

To front load is to basically take a higher dose the first couple of weeks to get your cycle started faster. It makes you see gains faster. Although I’ve heard some debate on this subject, the majority recommends frontloading with most injectables. For instance on a 8 week cycle using deca and test(cypionate?) if you were planning to take 1ml a week of each, you would take the extra 2ml the first two weeks. It would make you see gains faster. Hope this helps, I’am no vet or guru so you might ask one of the vets to help you more effectivley plan your cycle in the future. I currently am on my first one as well. Read all you can! peace sasquatch99