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My Cycle...Feel Free to Tear it Apart

tren e 100mg mix with prop test 40mg x 2 a week for 8wks
primo 50mg ed for 10wks
winny 40mg ed from week 3 to week 9
clen throughout I have a pretty good cycle for this already
nolv 10mg throughout
clomid and HCG at the end

I am 27, 5.9’, 170, 9%bf and I lift 4 to 5 times a week… Diet decent…

40mg of prop twice a week is to low-
If Test Prop is going to be your base, I’d say you are going to need a least 150mg 2x week.

Tren E 100mg 2x a week is decent, could be more 250-300 range is moderate.

40mg ed for 3-4 weeks max with Winn

If you are ONLY 9%, why the clen? At any rate, no need for Clen if you are on Tren.

Save the nova for PCT.
Do not use though out, it will hinder gains.
Get a AI.

My 2 lbs.

kinda poor mate.
Im assuming that as clen is in there you are cutting??

If so, i would try this

Test Prop 75mg daily/wk 1-8
Tren Ace 50mg daily
Winstrol 50mg daily/wk 1-5
Primo - dont see the point really.

Start HCG week 6 twice per week.
Clomid begin on day of last test inj.

Idea being that the testosterone compound you use is the highest dose and lasts for the longest.
Using more tren than test will leave you in a bit of a mess.

If pinning ed is a prob for you then you could consider switching prop and ace for enanthate versions, but these are not the best choice for a cutting cycle.

Back to the drawing board friend.
I may be wrong however about it being a cutting cycle, i just re-read your post and your 170 @ 9% so just confirm what the purpose of this cycle is please…

A few things…

Why bother mixing all the short and long esters.
No serm throughout, run an AI.
Prop need to be injected at least EOD.
Adding the primo is just cost yourself a ton of money for likely no real purpose in this cycle.
Most often than not people do like to run a higher dose of test over tren.
Id also suggest running the hcg 2x/wk throughout rather than at the end if you want to incorporate into your cycle.

the tren eth has prop in it… Its ug… The reason it has it in it that a little test is needed in tren to avoid sexual dysfunction. All the stuff I listed I have bought over the past couple months but I wanted to figuar a way to incorporate the primo and the winny with the tren e. I have enough winny to do 50mg for 16wks if I wanted but I want to do it safely and incorporate it in a couple of cycles. So with my above listed cycle do you think my results will be complete shit? Trying to get more ripped and maybe put on alittle size.

shoot… its actually 150mg tren and 50 mg of prop 2 times a week.

This cycle is one of the worst I have seen yet. And I mean that. This is even worse than jake’s original smattering of compounds. No offense jake, you learned eventually.

I suggest forgetting anything and everything to do with this bunch of crap, and just completely starting over.

A few pointers:
-save your primo
-keep your test higher or at the same level as your tren
-never run prop less than 50mg ED or 100mg EOD
-tren e is best injected EOD from what I’ve seen
-just forget the damned winny
-hcg and clomid is not going to be a fun or effective PCT
-why the fuck are you running a SERM throughout?
-you probably won’t need it (most don’t and I believe they are overused), but an AI would be a smart thing to have on hand


That is a strange cycle. The propr is not injected enough and the tst e does not fit. I would up the number of prop injections to at leats eod, drop the test e and go from there.