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My Cutting Plan


Any input is appreciated, this is my rough plan for my diet with current stats/goals etc. For the last two weeks I have been trying to eat healthier, getting carbs(besides pwo) from high fiber/low sugar sources, increasing protein and fat intake. So far I have lost 5 pounds.

Height: 5'6"
Upper arm:15
Upper leg:27

I will try to get 225 g protein, while keeping the carbs below 70 on non workout days and below 100 on workout days. Basically a t-dawg 2.0 approach. Lifting will be focusing on a main compound lift for low reps high intensity with supplemental work after the main lift. Speed days will be worked in useing a modified Westside system. I will work in some sprinting but probably not until after the initial 4 weeks. I am trying to lose excess body fat to get down to a suitable track weight.

4 week goals
Bw: 165


Sounds pretty squared away, you're right, what you described is basically T-Dawg (which works in my experience). The only thing you didn't mention is calories..


Im going to keep the calories between a low 1700 and a high 2000 aiming for around 1850 a day, but as long as im within the other parameters im not going to stress about hitting the number exactly.



Max DL:335@168

Just a little update. I just started WSSB, I am pretty familiar with WS style of training.

New Goals by 2/14

Deadlift By May


Cutting plan seems very well thought out. I also constructed my cutting diet around t-dawg 2.0.

Sprints deff helped me out with cutting the fat.


weight: 165
waist: 31.5

Progress is coming along nice so far, I wish I would have took a before picture. Im looking to end up it the 155-160 range and hopefully be running sub 11s 100m's. Hopefully that will be an alright track weight at only 5'6" tall.