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My Cutting Macros

Sup everyone?!
I am planning on cutting down for summer to get the abs and striations for the beach like most of you so ofcourse its back to the drawing board for my diet.
My stats are 6’2 about 190 atm (already been trimming down a little from 195) and my bf% is about 12-13.
The diet i just made and am planning to follow is as follows:


Morning 7:30
1scoop protein 130/24/5/2
1/2 cup oatmeal 133/4/30/1
1/3 cup blueberries 52/1/13/1

Pre workout 10:30
Chicken+rice+vegtables 300/30/40/3 (estimated)

11:30 workout

PWO meal 12:45
1scoop protein 130/24/5/2
1cup oatmeal 265/8/60/2

Home from school 4:00
salmon 130/22/0/4
flax bread 120/5/20/2

Dinner 6:30
Talapia fillet 90/18/0/2.5
1/2cup oatmeal 133/4/30/1

Dinner again 9:00
Can tuna 120/26/0/1

Before bed 11:00
4eggwhites 60/14/0/0
1.5tbs natural peanutbutter 150/10/6/12

1813 cals
189 pro
209 carb
33 fat

This was just made up in like 10min, im still going to play around with it and see what else i can do. right now im thinking of upping the protein and fats up a little and maybe some more carbs in the afternoon. What do you guys think?


just edit’d it a bit
lookn for feedback!!

You need at least 1000 more calories

6’2 190, and you want to lose more? You’re a liar, you don’t read these boards.

I would distribute some more Omega 3’s throughout that. About 2-3 pills at every meal should do the trick

lol yes i am 6’2 190 goin for 180
everybody has their own goals not everyone wants to look like dave tate nomsayn?

I’d say eat consume more total calories and cut down some of the carbs or try a simple carb cycling strategy. That would really help you to get ripped faster

FAR too little dietary fat.

In the words of Charles P…

…Only dorks eat egg whites.

Replace one of your carb meals with

  1. Cheese and eggs
  2. Steak and eggs
  3. Full fat yogurt with blueberries
  4. Butter and Egg Yolks

[quote]Paulster56 wrote:
lol yes i am 6’2 190 goin for 180
everybody has their own goals not everyone wants to look like dave tate nomsayn?[/quote]

fair enough, but man that’s tiny. Like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen tiny.

I agree though, you’re gonna need more calories than that