My cutting cycle

Hi. Im starting my cuttingcycle in 9weeks, please feel free to critique! This is my 6th cycle (200ibs, BF about 15-17%, 1RM benchpress 430, and nice symetri). Im aiming for 7-8%BF. The thing is that I live in two different countries. Im starting my diet 12weeks before i go home for the summer and the AAS 4 weeks after that. So I have got 8weeks of steroid dieting before i go home. My gole is to maintain a low BF and a hard look for about 6-8weeks (yeah it`s summer). The cycle looks like this:

Week 1-8: 50mg TA ED.
Week 9-10: 350mg oral winny (50mg ED).
Week 11-12: 175mg oral winny (25mg ED) Morning only last week?
Clomid from week 11-17 at 100mg ED with a frontload of 300mg.

Please help me out here. Shal i fronload the TA? When shal i start clomid, week11 or week13? Id like to use the winny week1-12 but icant due to 17-aa. I cant get hand on primo or anything else. Only TA, winny and testosterone (I cant use testo due to acne). I know that 50mg TA ED is smal doses (maybe 75?) but Im not trying to gain any musclemass, only maintain. Who wants to look ripped if you have to lose a lot of hard-earned muscle to get there. Thanks for your comment //SA

Besides bumping the tren up to 75mg you might want to use the winny and tren together. Also I would bump the oral winny up to 75mg ED also.

Also do you have clomid for after this cycle?

Yep, I agree. Take your Tren and Winny together. Don’t worry about getting TOO big from Tren, so bump it up to 75mg as previously stated. Like I’ve always said…is there such thing as getting TOO big? Heck, I wish I had that problem.

You won’t have to worry about losing muscle while trying to get ripped, as you stated. The Tren won’t convert to estrogen. So don’t worry about having to dropping water weight and shedding fat, it won’t happen.

Yeah bump the tren up to 75mg ED. But oral winny for 12 weeks? come on guys, The drug is 17-alkylated and so use should be limited to no more than 6 weeks! And as Bill Roberts said about TA: “There really is no need to stack another – testosterone being the only sensible exception”. …Powrman

He only has the winny planned for the last 4 weeks of his cycle currently but yes if he did change it up…he should keep it at 6 weeks like you said.

Ill bump the tren up to 75mg, but I think Ill use the winny after the tren to stay big and hard throughout the summer. If I use it during the first 6weeks the cycle will only last for a total of 8weeks, Bill Roberts said: “There really is no need to stack another – testosterone being the only sensible exception”! Id love to stack testosterone or dianabol but I realy can`t due to my acne! I have used accutan earlier but with testo in my ass the acne will probably breake out again!

Here we go again:
week1-8: 75mg TA ED
week9-10: 350mg oral winny (50mg ED)week11-12: 175mg oral winny (25mg ED)
Week11-15: 100mg clomid ED
week16-17: 50mg clomid ED

Can I use the oral winny morning only? (12,5mg early in the morning the last week?)

tnx for your comment! //SA