My Cutting Cycle

Hey everyone. I am getting ready to start a cutting cycle and I have it decently planned out. Tell me what you think and if I should add something or drop something. I am starting the T-Dawg diet & Meltdown Training. In addition to this I will be taking: MD6, T2-pro, Methoxy-7, Tribex, & ZMA. Tell what you think. I am hoping to lose a shit load of body fat, hopefully a good amount by Vanlentines Day, you know it is a special day. Anyway, thanks for responding if you do.

Sounds like a good plan to me!

that’s what i’ve been exaclty planning on doing, starting april 1. i’ll be really interested on your results, so please keep me posted in some way !

I concur with TEK. As long as you are strict with the diet and pound the weights hard, I would expect to see a lot of fat loss in a short amount of time.

Hey thanks a lot guys. I have been wanting to cut up for quite a while, but wasn’t really sure what to do. I just started the T-Dawg diet today and next week I will start the Meltdown training. I will keep you guys posted on my results. Good luck to you guys and thanks again.