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right now im about 210 and between 10-12% bf. my goal for this cylce is to really shred up and gain some lean mass.my cycle:
weeks 1-10 test prop 100mg ed
weeks 1-8 tren ace 75mg ed
weeks 4-10 winny 50mg ed
aremidex .5mgs ed or eod not sure yet depends on cycle progress.

my diet is going to be the biggest factor in my success here. im going to eat 100-150 grams of carbs a day 50 at breakfast and the rest before and after workout. protien at 350-400 grams ed. any comments or suggestions

no need to comment bro, it looks like your on the right track. Just make sure that most of the carbs are taken in after the workout, not before.

i feel this will be my best cycle. never been under 9% bodyfat.thats my goal. ill be taking about 60 grams of carbs post workout. im really curious to see how I respond to tren. ive heard nothin but good things about it.