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My Current Training Program

I posted this as a reply to a question on another thread. Thought I might post in its own thread for others who might find it interesting.

Day 1
Heavy squat - ramp up to heavy set of 3-5 (5s in the first 4 weeks of program, 3s in the second 4 weeks).
Leg press - 3sets x 10-15 reps.
Leg extension - 3sets x 15+ reps.
Heavy Bench press - same as heavy squat
Incline Dumbell - 3 sets x 10-15 reps
Machine fly - 3 sets x 15+ reps
Behind head Dumbell tricep press (whatever tf it’s called) - 3sets x 8-12 reps
Cable kickback - 3sets x 15+ reps

Day 2
Romanian deadlift - 3sets x 10-15 reps.
Bent over barbell row - 3sets x 5-8 reps
Lat pull down or pull ups - 3sets x 10-15 reps
Single arm cable row - 3sets x15+ reps each side
Heavy Barbell shoulder press - same as heavy squat
Db shoulder - 3sets x 10-12 reps
Lateral raise - 3sets x 15+ reps
Rear delt fly 3sets x 15+ reps
Db curl - 3 sets x 10-15 reps
Preacher curl - 3 sets x 15+ reps

Day 3 off

Day 4
Squat volume - 3sets x 8-12 reps.
Leg extension - 3sets x 10-15 reps.
Bench - 3sets x8-12 reps
Dips - 3sets x 10-15 reps (add weight to stay in rep range)
Cable flys - 3sets x15+ reps
Close grip bench - 3sets x 5-8 reps
V bar push down - 3sets x 15+ reps

Day 5
Deadlift - ramp up to heavy set of 3-5 (5s in the first 4 weeks of program, 3s in the second 4 weeks).
Lying leg curl - 3sets x 10-15 reps.
Dumbell row - 3sets x 8-12 reps
Machine row - 3sets x 15+
Smith machine shoulder press - 3sets x 10-15 reps
Cable lateral raise - 3sets x 15+ reps
Barbell curl - 3sets x 5-8 reps
Rope curl - 3sets x 15+ reps

Day 6 off

This is where that program sits at the beginning with the 3sets on accessory lifts and staying medium/heavy on the ‘heavy’ lifts. This is easy enough to recover from. Over the first 4 week mesocycle I increase the weight on the heavy lifts to make a PR in week 4 and increase my accessory volume to over reach in week 4.

Depending how I’m feeling I might take a week to do a full deload before moving into the triples mesocycle or just move straight in - dropping my volume sets back and weights back on the heavy lifts to manageable triples. From there increasing the weights over the mesocycle to PR again in week 4. I’m less aggressive with increasing volume in the triples mesocycle as the heavy triples get rather taxing.

The accessory lifts aren’t set in stone and I do change them from time to time. The core lifts stay the same through the 8 weeks.

My goals are a tad more physique related then strength (but i mean who doesnt like being strong asf) although i believe moderate strength work compliments hypertrophy goals. I make my own program depending on what I’m aiming for at that time.

I am on cycle though so take that as you will.
To use a program like this naturally, you would definitely need a week in between the 2 mesocycles to deload and less aggressive with adding volume over each mesocycle. Plus an additional day off to make it a 7 day week. 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off. Possibly starting at 2 working sets for accessory work as well. The biggest difference I’ve noticed on cycle is recovery time so anyone can use something like this with a smart approach.

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And your results?


As mentioned above this is my current program. Though the last time I run a program with the same structure -
Deadlift 220x1 - 240x3
Squat 180x1 - 200x3
Bench 100x5 - 122.5x3
OHP 65x5 - 80x5
These are in kgs.

Gained 25 pounds, kept 18 after PCT.

You trained a lot of legs and you trained them first always? 2 legs extension in seperate days I think is unnecessary In a year you are gonna look like squidward that ate too much krabby patty, unless you have poverty leg genetics ofc. Also, I’d avoid being too technical, lifting weights is not rocket science

It’s common sense to train your heaviest hardest lifts first. I don’t always do leg extensions twice, sometimes I might use spilt squats. I think there is sufficient leg work in there, not too much at all. I get good results from what I do.
Not too technical at all if you know what your doing, it’s actually quite a simple concept and one anyone should be incorporating in their programming in one way or another if they know what they are doing.
What were your stats btw?

I didn’t see two leg extensions even though I re-checked. All I saw was him balancing out the undoubtedly unnecessary leg extensions with leg curls.

He starts his week with heavy squats, and that by itself counts to something. And he does go heavy.

Honestly I think it’s not bad. Not because it looks good on paper (it DOESN’T), but because the dude can deadlift 500+ pounds for three reps. That’s between intermediate and advanced unless he’s heavy as hell.

OP, what’s your bodyweight?

Nice work with those numbers.

How long have you been training?

Not bad dude.

You obviously put a lot of thought to it. Very well done.

And I was SOOO relieved to see you had a lying leg curl added after I saw you put leg extensions on Day One. PHEW. That kind of stuff worries me.

My critique for what it’s worth, way too many accessory work. But since your goal is more physique oriented, that shouldn’t be too bad. What are your lifting numbers, your height, and your bodyweight?

It’s a fair bit over advanced once you work out what the one rep max would be. I’m currently at 108kg, probably 22% bf and 181cm tall.

The idea is to add as much strength and size possible this cycle then maintain as much as possible through Pct and when hormones are back in check I’ll do a 3-4 month slow cut to be where I want to be.

I might add, I did have some time off, especially during covid as all gyms were closed for quite some time. Lost a lot of strength not being able to lift heavy.

Whatcha chootin up dawg

This made me laugh man.
600/w test e, 200/w Deca.

Previous cycle lift stats from the same drugz? Seems like you kept a lot of the weight after PCT

Nah less. Started at 400mg test and ended the cycle at 600mg test. No Deca last time.

I ended last cycle at 112kg, after PCT I was 108. Then the last shit hole of a year happened and I lost a lot. 8 weeks into this cycle and I’m already 108, so really only started seeing progress 3 weeks ago. Running It out to 15 weeks so still some serious gainz to make.
Oh I am 2-3% body fat less this time around so that’s a bonus

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So you have any semi nude photos that accentuate your muskles that I could stare at?

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You come on strong… I like it. Haha.

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You a thick boi moving big weight. Show us what we want

Here’s some qwads for now.

Bit of a tease. Is you flexin? Let’s see dem biceps and back

Missed this. Here’s a back pic for ya. Starting to think I might possibly be sub 20% bf. Who knows.

I feel my arms (16.5") and chest are my weaker points. I neglected arms a lot back when I was only training to get stronger. Now I’m trying to bring them up.