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My Current Squatting Shoes


A long time ago I read that wearing normal running shoes for squatting was no good. So, I went out to the local shop and got a pair of flat trainers with zero shock absorption.


I’m now wondering if I am doing my squat a dis-service by wearing these and not getting a proper shoe like the Adidas Men’s Powerlift.3.1 Fitness Shoes for example.


Correct, running shoes are not good but I never could justify spending the money for lifting shoes. Chucks work just fine for me

I’ve always used Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes and love them. Bear in mind I squat high-bar / front squat. If you squat low-bar then as roscop12 said some Chucks or something similar’s fine. If yours are doing the job due to being flat and having no sponginess and looseness etc then great.

For Olympic (high bar) and front squats, you want those Adidas squatting shoes

For low bar or hybrid squats (and for deadlifts), you want flat shoes like the ones you got, or chucks, Sambas etc.

And yes, running shoes are never recommended for squats or DLs


I do all squatting, deadlifting, and cleaning barefoot (with socks on), or in one of these:


I just bought those as normal shoes a few years ago and realized they felt pretty good to lift in. I think wearing shoes with a higher heel is certainly fine, but for me, I noticed that I can let my ankles get pretty tight and ignore the issue if I do.

I also have a pair of these:


that I bought a few years ago when I was doing CrossFit. They’re pretty good, but not amazing. They’re better to run and jump in than those Adidas one I wear now.

I squatted in chucks for years but got some Adidas powerlift 3.1 in August and love them, best way to go for price