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My Current Routine

I’m still a beginner really as I’ve been training properly for about a year. Prior to that I was really misguided, had results but they were definitely ‘beginner results’.

I’ve tried ABBH by CW properly and half heartedly tried some other programs from authors here and they weren’t bad but I’ve had the best results on my current program it’s a little unconventional compared to what the majority of articles on this website recommend but here it goes.

I do one body part a week and I have a legs/shoulders/back/chest/arms day I don’t always do the arms day as sometimes they get killed on the back day.

During each session I incorporate a sort of CW ‘25 method’ to start with where I do a little less about 20 reps of a weight in my 4-6RM no sets just keep doing it until the target reps are reached. For one or two exercises.

Next I do one or two exercises in the 8-12 rep range moving the barbell/dumbbell etc as fast as possible for about 3-6 sets.

Finally I do one or two exercises that are usually machines in the light rep area. So say on chest day I’ll do:

Barbell Bench Press - Heavy 4-6RM - 20-25 reps
Standing Cable Press - Heavy 4-6RM - 15-25 reps (depending how I’m feeling)
Incline Dumbbell - Medium about 15RM - 8-12 reps about 3-6 sets
Decline Barbell - Same as above

Finally the Pec Deck. I start with a couple of reps of heavy again then just do one to three sets of lighter weights to really sort of kill myself.

If I happen to go to failure I will stop lifting the weight straight away so I never really actually properly go to failure on any of these. Although sometimes if I feel like it I will really try to beast out a rep even if it’s one that will likely end in failure.

EXTRA info for anyone who can be arsed to read.

I play rugby league for my uni at the moment so I do need to be strong and my muscle needs to be ‘functional’ (as in opposed to ‘showy’), however, I feel that first I really need to add about 2-3 stone of muscle as quickly as possible as I believe that will have the biggest positive impact on my game.

I’ve found this to be the fastest way to just gain pure muscle and weight, for me.

I’ve gathered information from loads of different places to design this. CT’s beast building part 2 mentions something about how more frequent lower volume is better for the CNS and less frequent more volume is better for just pure muscle building. I personally believe if I take the former approach I just get stronger and my body doesn’t seem to want to add any muscle unless I really whack on the intensity and volume.

It might seem like a lot in one session but it doesn’t really take that long (under an hour sometimes close to an hour) and I find that my strength doesn’t actually go down during a workout that much. I believe I’ve built good ‘strength density’ (something I read about in a Scott Abel article on here).

I believe in each session I manage to target a majority of the muscle fiber types in the area worked. Something akin to CW’s maximum recruitment training but for one body part at a time. I also find I have more time to incorporate moves such as face pulls and the like which on other programs I don’t seem to have time for.

My muscles seem to take about 5 days to recover as opposed to seven but I haven’t quite fine tuned a program that could take advantage of that (plus I have to incorporate two reasonably savage circuit training sessions a week, which I’ll stop over the summer to focus on muscle building) but this is what is working so I’m happy with it.

Just wanted to see if anyone thought my principles (or at least other people’s principles as I’m incorporating them) were at least making some sort of sense and what they thought of the program in general.

You need to post your whole routine before we can evaluate it.

It’s pretty much the same for legs/back etc as in:

4-6RM compound exercise 20-30 reps working up to 1rm and back down for a few more 4-6rm.
(maybe another 4-6rm compound, possible isolation)
8-14RM compound exercise 3-6 sets
8-14RM compound exercise 3-6 sets
Light weight isolation exercise to achieve a more fatigued state of the muscle.

I follow this template for each muscle group.

Rest periods: I try to keep at least minute for the heavy exercises

I would just like to know if people at least agree with my principles (or as I said my incorporation of others’ principles).