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My current Cycle.

I decided to post this because there is another fellow here who is looking to do a similar cycle. I am on week ten. Any opions are welcome.

Weeks 1-6 1 gram EQ. Started Clomid on week 4. Added 50mg winny on week 4 also.

Weeks 7-8 Discontinue EQ, Begin with 50mg tren ED 50mg prop ED.

Weeks 8-14 Up tren dose to 100 mg. Same dose for winny and prop. Add 250mg Masterone/week (to expell some water)

Im thinking of discontinuing clomid and replacing it with .25 mg anastrozle and 500 mg HCG a day in order to increase my body’s response to the clomid post cycle for recovery. Also wanting to add clen to keep Fat down even more and test the theory that clen has anabolic properties. This is my fifth cycle and by far the best. Fina dick is bad, no sex drive, Insomnia like a motherF#$%er. But I feel great and have been adding a good amount of lean mass while shedding some fat. Strength gains are very good. Im thinking of extending it anonther two weeks to see how far I can push it in one cycle. I plan on using 2mg GH post cycle along with 125 mcg T3 (the t3 two weeks on, two weeks off, and the GH for at least eight weeks). Also will be using Ecdysterone (syntrax’s Sytrabol) at 600mg/day. (have had good results from this stuff in the past. Especially combined with GH). Tell me what you think of this.

“Fina dick is bad, no sex drive”

That sucks! I get the opposite effect from tren! Is it homemade tren?

“I’m on week 10” - as in you’ve already run the above cycle?

If so, what did you get off it in terms of strength/size/sides?

Gained 15 lbs of lean mass. Physique has become extremely hard. Strength… FANTASTIC! I went up on most of my core moves by 20-30 lbs, not 1RM but the weight I work out with. Im not so big on maxing out. The only sides I am experiencing are Low sex drive and insomnia. I have had no problems with hair loss or growth (no three inch hairs coming out of my ears)

And the tren, Made from powder. Though I must say that for the first week on tren (not combining it with any other androgens) I do get that permanent tent pole.

Most I did of EQ was 500mg/wk and that was enough to give me some circulation problems due to the thickening of the blood from RBC proliferation.

You’re sure that EQ was accurately dosed? Brand?

Btw, that’s great that you gained all the muscle with no sides. I just never would recommend anyone take that much EQ unless they had used it before and were gradually bringing up the dosage. (I base that on personal experience and what I’ve read.)

Here’s something related that I frequently post:

From “Ghost Dawg” T-mag Issue 280

“Chemical Muscle” tells us that using 600-800 milligrams per week of the popular steroid Equipoise (originally developed for horses) can lead to dangerously high red blood cell counts in as little as four to six weeks. Too many red blood cell platelets can lead to blood clots, strokes, and circulatory depreciation. Of course, this is true of most steroids.

One of my former cycles I only used 500mg of EQ with 400mg test cypionate and did not notice much red blood cell increase or increased blood preassure. The EQ I used one the cycle I just mentioned was QV. The EQ I recently used was trenfactor, who has never led me wrong in the past so I would not assume he would have done it with the EQ. That cycle all by itself was rather weak. I guess I am not very sensitive to androgens and require higher doses than usual.