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My Current Cycle


This will be used to prep for my next meet and is underway right now.

Week 1-6 Test cyp 250mg/ml- 1000mg/week (500mg twice a week)

Week 7-10 Sust 350mg/ml - 1225/week (175mg ED) (got some cheap and saw it as an easy way to up the dose closer to the meet)

Week 1-10 EQ- 400mg/week (200mg 2x a week at the moment)

Week 4-10 Tren Acetate - 350mg/week (50mg ED)

Week 6-10- Dbol- 50mg ED

Adex .1mg ED (all I have ever personally needed)
Caber on hand.


70-100mg test suspension before big workouts
20mg D-bol or 50mg drol before big workouts

First time running tren, pretty excited about that....

Only goal is strength, if size, fatloss, whatever comes thats cool too as long as my powerlifting gear still fits.

Any suggestions?
I know lower test means lower sides with tren, but it also means less strength.


the test actually give minimal strength gains compared to the tren.]

when I tried low test/high tren recently for the first time and this was after many many runs with tren i was pleasantly surprised.
the loss of breath,insomnia and night sweats that is the norm with me was all very minimal and easily manageable
the cardio issue was fixed with ephedrine and when I couldnt sleep a little benadryl worked great.
and I did not need an AI at all which is also not normal because I usually need .5mg adex a day with any amount of test.


In my last cycle I ran over 700mg of tren a week with a very low dose test and only had night sweats.

I like the way your cycle looks, though I would personally run the EQ longer than 10 weeks, but that's just me.


Normally I would, but I only had 10 weeks worth. I figured since it can increase appetite and help endurance some it may counter loss of appetite and loss of endurance on tren. Just an idea.

Also I was taking it for the increased collagen synthesis.

Also, I know that lower test with tren will reduce sides. Most of the powerlifters I have talked to say to keep the test high for maximal strength though.

Ideally I would have planned to take it longer though


I think this is an old "wives tale"
I also know some big powerlifters and all they want ever is test,lots and lots of test,these monsters are in the 2 gram a week range normaly of just test. they stick with what they know,which is not bad at all but it works and thats what maters

I can tell you though that tren should give much better strength while on cycle than the test would. this is based on my own experience and the experience of the ones that turned me onto it.
I like the Eq ides you have, it will help alot with preventing soft tendon damage from heavy work.
Deca will also work but not to the extent EQ would.
with your cycle I would
watch your bp


Thanks. Yeah BP is an issue sometimes anyway for me.

I will keep an eye on that.


I recently ran a long ish (4 weeks) run of drol and I was pretty amazed at the bloat I got with it. I was walking around like mr stay puft till last week and since then I've pissed out a quarter of my bodyweight lol. The strength gains were amazing but I think I might need a new liver.


I love drol.
I bloat but not to the extent you mention.
I am using dbol this time though.


You know that a 2:1 ratio drol to oral winstro pretty much eliminates the bloat side effects of the drol?

I know its gonna add extra strain on liver but as a pre workout aid its second to none in my experience.


Budda, that is a very COOL little tip you just mentioned. Why didn't I think of saying that??

Skwatta---if you can, just try the low t high tren idea once. Seriously. Tren is the big dog as far as strength numbers go, and although it is foolish to say "on a mg per mg basis" and I know it, you really could compare 700mg tren/week to muxh more test/week in terms of strength.

Now I know you said this is your first run with it, so I understand. But you should really consider it.