my curiosity has gotten the best of me - what are the new products?

Hey guys, I realize that there is really no way that this question will ever be answered but I remember one of the biotest guys (i can’t remember who) saying that there were something like 10 new products in the development stages. I was just wondering what they could possibly be? I myself can’t really think of anything else that hasn’t been done. They must be damn innovative - any of you biotest guys feel like giving us any hints?

I remember references to these: AP bars in peanut butter and chocolate flavors (some guys here even got to try prototypes last year), time-released glutamine, Euphoria anti-cortisol product, transdermal fat burner (Biotest’s been on and off with this one).

What I’d like to see would be a SUPER-efa serum, with EPA, DHA, CLA, and Omega-3’s combined.