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My Crazy Idea


I've been on a particular hypertrophy training regimen for about 5-6 months now. My girl is going out of town for a couple of weeks and I want to mix shit up and get some new results.

The idea:

Go to the gym this saturday morning, do a full body workout involving a ton of volume, then come home eat+sleep all day and all night. Basically I want to deliberately and drastically overtrain.

I don't know why I'm thinking this, but somehow this is what my gut feeling is telling me is what is required to break through to the next level.

I just want to shock the shit out of my system, recover, and come back stronger.

Does this make any sense? Has anybody done anything similar?


Yeah... I do it every day. Wake up, eat, lift, eat, eat, eat, eat, sleep, repeat. Go for it! More recovery and lots more food.


Basically I want to deliberately and drastically overtrain.

Every time I lift I do this. Can't wait to see your GF.


You aren't advanced enough to be trying to shock the system with fancy strategies. Try switching to a strength type training program for 6-8 weeks and come back to hypertrophy after.

Then again, we have no clue what you are training for and its hard to give you advice on "getting new results".


Good luck with the Drastically overtraining the body in one workout.


I would echo what AzCats is saying here, you don't overtrain in one workout. lol

You want to "break through to the next level"? What are your stats now?


I went on my first bulk this winter. I gained 20lbs of mass. Just wanted to try it, will gain more next year. Now my goal is getting as lean as possible with no muscle loss, and with possible gains in the areas where I need the most improvement.

I'm 6'2, current weight 204lbs, about 3 weeks into my cut. Im dropping down from 210 to about 190-195, more if necessary.

I've been doing my really weak areas - traps, forearms, calves twice a week, and they seem to respond very positively.

My routine is great and I keep getting consistent results, but I want to mix shit up.


Good luck with the Drastically overtraining the body in one workout. [/quote]

I doing a 3 day split, 5 days of cardio, and this would go on top of that.


Why are you cutting? You don't look like you have any appreciable muscle mass in your account pictures.


"hey bro's I'm so jacked. My routine is totally great and I'm getting awesome results but wanna do something different. My only weak areas are my forearms and my calves but I wanna do a full body 24 hour straight body blast workout to shock my system. Then after I sleep I should wake up looking stage ready... You know some real next level shit... what do you think guyzzz?"



+1 I just looked at your pictures, and you are around the same boat as me. I am 6 foot 190 and I wouldn't think of cutting anytime soon. You are not that fat at all, not sure why you are cutting?????


I think you mean overreaching lol. Overtraining is something you do over a long period of time. Given the level you're at, the best thing to get to the next level would probably be eating more lol. Of course you're cutting... so... yeah. Good luck with that.

BTW: "Planned Overtraining" or whatnot whatever you're planning on doing typically requires LOTS OF FOOD/nutrients during the recovery/backoff portion... something that cutting won't provide. So, again, good luck with that.


I think it's totally possible... but only if you make sure to use lots and lots of creatine. Be careful though, I heard that shit makes you rage!


Well, you're an idiot, so your comment doesn't justify a response.

Anyway, back to the business at hand. Those pictures were taken at the start of my first bulk. It was my first attempt to put on mass, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. 20lbs of relatively lean mass on your first try is nothing to sneeze at.

I'm more concerned with being lean then I am with being big, that's why I'm cutting. I'm taking it in baby steps, and learning how my body responds. It's interesting that 20lbs of mass on a 6'2 frame doesn't look like all that much.

PS: If you're responding with some funky remarks, you better be huge and lean otherwise, I'm not interested in hearing bullshit from some keyboard-jockey.


Another point is, I'm not pumped in my pictures, so you can't make an accurate assessment. Thanks for the stupid ass comments though.


This is internet, try not to pout every time someone says something you don't like.


Yeah I already gotz that creatine rage so I had to lay off... i was getting to alpha



No but seriously...

OP: If the program you're currently doing is working and you're getting the kind of results that you're looking for then I'd stick with that until you're unhappy with your progress then try something different.



My plan was to end up a lean 195 after the bulk and the subsequent cut. So I figured I would go up 20lbs, put on 10lbs muscle, 10lbs fat. Half muscle, half fat looked realistic, plus my old knee injury acted up in the middle of things, and put a serious damper on my workouts.

Anyway, my current routine is actually quite nice, I pulled it off another bodybuilding website. It has me doing a variety of lifts, working the muscles from different angles, and taking me through different rep ranges. I do work in the 4-6 rep range and go up to 10-12. So, I'm quite happy with it.

I just want to jolt things, or at least see if it's possible. At the very least I'm hoping for a testosterone boost after I'm done recovering. I will eat at maintenance level.

Btw, from what I understand, it's not that uncommon to do. Even the Velocity Diet program had you doing lactic buildup work with bodyweight exercises, so I'll just try the same thing with weights.


Internet or not, I still like to be treated with respect.

Btw, I finally got my hands on a copy of The Poliquin Principles. I feel that I'm learning well.