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My Cover of Green Day's 'Know Your Enemy'


I had fun with this one...


you're vox are flat throughout, man. I vocal training sux, but it's a sure fire way to improve. Check out Brett Manning's singing success and singing coach unlimited. They're both on pirate bay i think. What software do you use? I really like Cakewalk Sonar. The new version has a vocal pitch correction plugin that's builtin that work really well. I know it's kind of cheating, but I use it from time to time! :slightly_smiling:


Was it that flat?


I use Garageband, and it does have pitch control but i didn't turn it on....


There, I threw on some pitch control....


please turn it on


hate to be a, uh, negative nancy, but i dont notice much of a difference between either version. You're vox timing & phrasing is off some too. Kinda nasally tone too!

I sing & play guitar myself. Guitar's always been easy for me and vox have always been like fighting a kicking mule for me. Pitch, timbre, etc. Seriously check out those two resources I told u about above. They helped me a lot, but it takes a lot of disciplined practice - like weightlifting!


I don't care enough. It's just a cover and BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG isnt exactly the greatest vocalist, either.


Haha, ohh my. Is it that horrible?


I have these too...any better, vocally?


They all could use improvement, man. Nothing seriously wrong with them, just amateurish. I mean it's better than a lot of other amateurs on youtube, but you can tell that you don't have the chops that coming from gigging and you aren't formally trained. That's all.

Keep workin on it man, you can only get better. Playing with bands is one of the highlights of my days!


Brain Stew was the best of the 3

with a little editing it has potential to be really good



your sound will improve with experience


Thanks guys. I do appreciate the feedback and even if it's negative/reinforcing, that's what I need.

One note: i dont know if i'll ever be able to improve that much, as i am in the Army (Field Artillery) and will probably actually only get worse from here...hahaha

I got a new guitar (I'll have it tomorrow, actually); a Gibson Les Paul Jr. and I'm about to go and buy Logic Express to do my recording/editing. That'll be a step up. I use a Perception 120 AKG mic, in case you were wondering. It all goes through an Edirol UA-4 sound interface, and then into the computer via USB.

Anyway....thanks for the advice everyone!


Dude, Les Pauls are awesome. I was in the USMC and brought my acoustic in the field when I could. You learn some good crowdpleasers that way when all your bros sing along.

Also, check out the songwriting forum on harmony-central.com . You'll get much better feedback over there than at a weightlifting bulletin board!


Keep trying. Getting better at an instrument is much like weightlifting, small increases, plateaus, more small increases. As long as you are enjoying it, who cares what others think.