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My cousin


My cousin just came in to town. He is my age-17 and we have a similar body type, but he has always been somewhat heavier and taller.(I believe this cause his dad is a lot bigger than mine)The thing is though he tells me he has 5% BF and bench 270 MaxRep. (he weighs 190) He is on a diet plan and consumes 4000 cals a day(im not sure how well he stays on this though). The thing is, he does not have very good definition and his chest, and the rest of his body. looks like he doesn't work out. Im sure there is mucsle there and he is not fat but why at 5% wouldn't he looked ripped like i am although i lift less (Bp Max Rep=215). Is there a reason for this?


My guess is that he isn't at 5% because he would be ripped as hell. He's obviously wrong in his calculations or whatever he's using.


If he was 5% bodyfat then he would have veins running everywhere. Probably in his legs and stomach, so most likely he doesn't know what his bodyfat is.


Hmmmm. If he is questionable able his bodyfat, his bench press may not be up to competition standards, either.


Echoing the above thoughts, at 5.1 i got veins all over the place, and if you ever lift arms with him, it'll look kinda gross


Think about this for a moment... go pick up a 10 pound plate, your cousin is claiming that he has roughly that amount of fat on his body... he probably has miscalculated...