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MY Consumption of Whey

ok… i have a problem with taking a scoop of whey at a time due to stomach bloatness and constipation, i guess do to its high protein in it at one time ( i take ON 100% strawberry), so would i still get the same benefits from taking whey if i took one scoop of whey and divided it into 4 individual servings and took it with 4 of my meals either with food or drink? i really want to get back into taking it but like i said, my stomach doesnt like it too much i think…
also you think it would help the digestion with it as though not takign it at one time?

You would still get some benefit from taking it throughout the day- increased protien consumption. However, the point of taking it is a convient meal replacement/substitute. If you can’t handle whey, try eating solid food instead, spaced throughout the day (5-7 feedings is what is generally recommended). Protien drinks aren’t neccasary if you can pack in enough protien with real food.
Whey is most important post work out, when your muscles are most receptive to protien intake. Whey is easy to mix at the gym, and absorbs fast. A solid meal will make due, but you are usually better off with a protien drink at this time.

I have the same problem as you.

Whenever I include a protein supplement in my diet (whey concentrate, isolate, MPRs, etc… whichever it may be) I end up with severe flatulence and constipation.

My body doesn’t like protein powders. Period.

Learn to listen to your body and eat according to how it responds best.

For me, that means eating some carbs and fats alongside my protein in EVERY meal (except my gatorade when I finish with the weights ofcourse).

I know it sucks to eat 4-5 egg omelettes instead of just chugging down an MRP. But hey, you gotta overcome.

Look into Aminogens