My Conjugate Program

Hey guys, I saw a thread about this a while ago but couldn’t find it. This is is a sample 1 month conjugate program for me. Any feedback is welcomed! Thanks in advance.

Looks solid. Personal preference, but I always try to get at least one single leg exercise in there.

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Yeah maybe I should add in some Bulgarian split squats then. Especially with the backward sled drags, those pump the hell out of my quads.


Interesting program but maybe throw something in for the shoulders?

I’d move the reverse hypers so they are programmed after GHRs. If your low back, hamstrings, and glutes are pumped as hell from the hypers, GHRs will be extremely challenging, if not downright impossible (IMO).

I had considered side raises, but from the bench variation, DB bench, face pulls - aren’t I getting enough shoulder work?

I do weighted GHRs, they’re a bitch lol. I understand what you’re saying, but I do reverse hypers after squats and deadlifts to decompress my spine. I’d imagine if I switch the order with GHR, it’ll also make reverse hyper tough.

Your upper body Max Effort stuff seems focused on Building your triceps. And your lower body Max Effort seems focused on Building your upper back.

In addition to your builders, you may want to include some “Testers.” Like work something Shoulder Focused (some form of Incline or Overhead) into your monthly Max Effort plan. If it goes up month after month, you’ll know you have enough shoulder work. And if it stalls out, you’ll know that you need more shoulder focused assistance stuff for awhile.

And instead of all SSB squatting you could work in a ME good-morning or stiff leg deadlift or something. That way you could Feel your hamstrings and low back working, and if one is getting stronger than the other. And from there you can decide to prioritize glute/hams or Reverse hypers, based on what’s weaker.

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Thanks for your response. I don’t see how my lower body ME is focused on building my upper back? I use a SSB primarily because it translates more into a stronger deadlift and is much harder than regular barbell squats; for the latter, I nail a triple on a SSB squat I know next time I max on the barbell squat it’s going to be way higher (always is).

You have a good point about testing out shoulder strength via inclines/OH press. Thus far, I have been making steady progress but nothing crazy, it could certainly improve. I’ve made more progress on the squat/deadlift than bench, so I appreciate your insight.

Also, my mistake, I should have clarified this in my initial post. This was an example of this month. I rotate the ME movements and assistance (at least some) lifts every month. For example, next month my ME lower movements will be deadlift, (1RM), barbell squat with chains, front squat, and barbell back squat (3RM). ME upper movements barbell bench (1RM), floor press with chains, barbell bench with light bands, and paused pin presses that are close grip (couple inches above my chest).

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If it’s been working, keep doing it!

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