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My Confessions

[quote]That One Guy wrote:
another wrote:
I masterbated while reading this thread (sniff,sniff) sorry guys.

Its okay…we still love you…[/quote]

You guys are the best !

[quote]That One Guy wrote:
I don’t know i guess strength wise.(im training powerlifting style)[/quote]

In that case a dynamic warmup may help improve your performance.
This generally involves movement throughout the range of motion used in a controlled manner.
There is some evidence to show that ballistic stretching may also help - but do so carefully.

I’d most likely recommend other stretching types after exercise and/or for specific postural treatment.
For instance, I really like PNF stretching for the rotator cuff.

As your penance say 25 Hail Dave Tates, eat the oreo and vow to squat deep.