My Computer Loves Grow!

Well, not sure if this post should go here or under Tech Support. I mixed a 3 ‘scooper’ of Grow! added my Greens+ and 2 tbsp of Udo’s in my Nalgene bottle. I shook it up, took a sip and set the lid back on (did NOT screw it on). At this point I took a phone call for about 20 minutes. After the call, thinking my shake needed more shakin’ I grabbed it and shook it ALL OVER MY OFFICE AND LAPTOP!! There was Grow! on the ceiling and walls of my office.

Anyways, besides my computer gettin’ hyooooge, the letter to the left of the ‘x’ key does not work (I obviously can’t type what letter it is) nor does the Cntl, Fn and Alt keys, along with the Shift key on the left side. F*ckin’ A man!! I think I might fire myself. Now I have to get some carbs in this mother to compliment the protein in the PWO meal since I just gave her a nice porn workout.

In all seriousness, does anyone know what I should do? It’s a Dell - Only 7 mos old. I had it turned off for a few hours and dried it out with a hair dryer.

Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t know about Dell, but on most laptops, removing the keyboard is pretty simple. At the very least, you should be able to remove the offending keys so that you can clean-up whatever goo is stuck under.

Found this on the net:

“Most Dells have screws on the bottom of the laptop that hold the keyboard down. Others have little tabs between the keys that you have slide to remove the keyboard.”

You might be able to find more by googling for “Dell keyboard removal OR dissasembly”.

If you have to type “Z” or “z” for some reason, you might be able to get by with cut-n-paste. Just find the letter somewhere, select it with your mouse and then copy it to your clipboard by using right-click and “Copy”. Then whenever a “Z” is called for, just right-click and “Paste”.

Hope that helps…

Thanks Pookie!! That’s exactly what I’m going to do should it still not work tomorrow. The keyboards look fairly painless to replace.


Z didn’t work, eh? Well, at least it wasn’t the E key. Then typing your post would have been fun…