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My Complete Routine? Good for this Target Body?


So this is the type of body I’m going for.

In other words, not really bulk, but good definition and tone.

What do you think about this workout plan?

Sunday: Workout A
Monday: Bike x 30 minutes, ab crunches, air kicks
Tuesday: Workout A
Wednesday: Bike x 30 minutes, ab crunches, air kicks
Thursday: Workout A
Friday & Saturday: Partaaay! j/k, rest days.

All of the above will be followed by 60g protein supplements.

Workout A:
Incline bench press (cable), 3 sets
Lat pulldown (cable), 3 sets
Bicep curl (DB), 3 sets
Tricep curl (cable), 3 sets
Shoulder lateral rises (DB), 3 sets
Stiff-legged deadlift (DB), 3 sets

So unfortunately, the gym I have access to has that one cable machine and a few dumbbells, and I also have to make do with about 30-40 minutes for workout, so efficiency is paramount.

Will I be hitting all the necessary muscle groups with the above regimen? Will I be overtaxing some muscle groups (in other words, should I take off a redundant exercise, or perhaps add something else)? Thanks!


It’s worth a shot


Your plan is stupid. You will not achieve anything with your workout. Am I right to assume you will refuse to train your legs, post your diet and actually do a real program?


This is not a workout routine, but a list of exercises.


For strength and size, the workout would suck. However, looking at the picture I’d say the biggest aspect of it is leanness and some basic muscle definition underneath. Meaning the key is to control your diet and do enough cardio. For the muscle, I guess the workout would suffice. Is it optimal? No. Will it do something? Probably.

Personally, I’d definitely add squats, lunges or some quad work. If you want to stick to your workout, the very least I could suggest is push each set close to failure at around 8-12 reps and try to increase weight or reps on regular basis (every other workout / every week).

To be honest though, I’d look into actual routines programmed by guys who know their stuff. 3DAW full body or something. You won’t become a muscle monster overnight so it’s perfectly fine to follow a well programmed bodybuilding routine.


You could probably achieve that just by diet depending on your current position, do you have a picture of yourself?

Diet is key, so what’s your diet look like and again, what is your current level of development

what you posted is not great, but the physique you want isn’t exactly amazing either so although not optimal it may suffice.


Why would you want to look like that? Pre-op? J/k.

Your amount/lack of muscle tissue is governed mostly by diet. Learn how to eat.

For training. If you’re going to use weights use them intelligently. Compound (multi-joint) barbell lifts should make up 90% of your weight training. Popular full body programs: Starting Strength, Stronglifts 5x5, 5/3/1. Pick one and do it exactly as written until it stops working.

Everyone has different goals.


Seated cable triceps pulldowns build blonde highlights.


what @kd13 said, do you have a photo of yourself currently?




The main thing you need to attend to achieve this kind of look is diet, how you train I would say is vastly secondary to that.


probably, yeah


if this is a real thread, of which I am not convinced, then yes, your routine will be sufficient to build that body.

Considering it’s just an emaciated looking twink, all you’d need to do is develop bulimia and buy some little tiny dumbbells for toning.

Have at it, young man. Have at it.


Thanks a lot! This is indeed a serious thread. While I don’t have a photo of myself right now (I can try to get one, although I’m a bit self-conscious right now because I have a bit of a paunch). Maybe I didn’t get the right picture in.

I could probably add squats (or lunges) in, although it’ll have to be with dumbbells as I don’t have access to barbells where I live. Also I left out bicycle crunches at the end of Workout A. I’m also leaving the leg work to just the biking, as I’m just going for .


@AliveAgain36 what part of Indiana are you around?


dont think that helps matters for you…


well in your defence that photo does look a lot better so fair enough.

Guy’s got a little bit of muscle but is very lean. Need to lock your diet down to a level that most people can’t get anywhere near.

Get on any old lifting program (Waterbury, 5/3/1, whatever) and just make sure you keep your diet and cardio on point.


I will look into those!


I feel like you are thinking too much about the routine and not enough about your diet.

Believe me when I say that to look like that dude your diet is MUCH more important than whatever routine you choose.

Seriously, to get to and maintain that level of leanness is pretty much a full time job.


I believe you and that makes me sad.