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My Complete First Cycle Plan

Hi guys,

Please input some creative criticism.
85 KG
175 CM
17% BF
Diet is in check. BF is a bit high, I am just in planning stages until I drop my BF down to about 14-15%.

In short I want to run a cycle for 12 weeks.
Cycle will consist of Test Enanthate and Anavar.
Will have AI on hand, Aromasin.
As protection for my liver I’ll use Liv 52.
PCT will be 4 weeks of Nolva.

Weeks 1-12
Test E running at 500mg/week.
Pinned twice a week Monday and Thursday. 1CC.

Weeks 5-12
2x 25 mg Anavar (98 pills will be used).
6x Liv 52 tables a day.
Taken after breakfast and before gym.
Test E running 500mg/week
Pinned Twice a week Monday and Thursday. 1CC.

Weeks 12-14
2x 20mg Nolva everyday (28 pills will be used)

Week 13
1x 20mg Nolva everyday (7 pills will be used)

Week 14
1/2x 20mg Nolva everyday. (3.5 pills will be used)

What products I am gonna buy:
Alcohol wipes
23G 1.25" needles
3CC syringes
100 Anavar pills 25mg each
3x Test E Vials 250mg/mL
50 Nolva pills 20mg each
80 Aromasin pills 12.5mg each
200 Liv 52 pills as liver protection.

Please let me know if this is good thank you!

Get 25g needles instead. You’ll thank me later. Also pick up some TUDCA. It seems to be a consensus necessity when it comes to combating liver issues. Ditto NAC. For the record, I took anavar for longer than that, with no liver supplements, and had normal liver value results when I was done. But that’s me. You may respond differently so better to be safe and take the easy, cheap precautions.

@iron_yuppie Question why the 25G needle’s? For pinning and pulling? Or just for pinning? Also TUDCA is better than Liv 52? I haven’t came across this product when researching some liver protection.

I will take this into consideration.
Thank you for your input.

Just for pinning. They’re thinner and for all practical purposes painless if you do your pins properly. I found 23 to be just a tad bit more uncomfortable when compared to the 25’s. And they don’t require much more force to get the oil out.

Tudca is the liver support that everyone swears by. I don’t know how much science there is to it but it’s one of those ‘hey it can’t hurt’ so I would say use it. You can use the Liv.52 concurrently with it as well. That product has a great reputation.

Have you ever stuck a needle in yourself before? I find myself rushing with a 25g because it takes a little while longer for the Test to inject. I find myself trying to push harder on the plunger thus making the needle move around excessively. 23g I just stick and go. The pain isn’t that bad, barely even noticeable. Might be better off to start with a 23g then see how it feels. DO NOT start with a 21g or 20g for injecting. My doc had me inject with a 21g for the first 2 months and that was painful. You can draw with and inject with a 23g or 25g. Just takes longer.

Also watch out for particles in the Test vial from sticking the needle in to draw. I prefer smaller vials with less draws per vial. It seems to lessen the chance of particles being in the Test.

Your doctor is a sadist. My God. I’m wincing just thinking about that.


I heard from my friend he used 25G and 23G needles. Said that the 25G took to long to inject, even when heating the oil up.
23G needle he said stung a bit more but was a freer flow on the oil being injected when warmed up. He advised anything larger was for pulling 1CC into the syringe.

So I think I’ll try with the 23G needle. Not many people across the internet/friends are recommending 25G needles but hey everyone to their personal preferences.

Your friend is a huge pussy and needs to work on his hand dexterity. I kid, I kid. I’ve used 25 for my trt protocol for over a year and a half and I don’t have a problem pushing the oil. But it does take a little longer, no doubt. You can’t go wrong with 23, they work and they’re what most doctors give patients. But I’ve been pleased with 25’s and thought I’d share the good word. Either way you’ll be fine. Just don’t draw with the same needle you’re using to inject with. People have made that mistake before and…ouch.

My experiences:
25G is easy to handle if oil is not cold.
Using a new needle for pinning (i.e. throw away the one you pulled with) does a huge favor for you.

Hi guys,

Update I have dropped down to 13.8% body fat @ 84 KG WHAT A MISSION!

I have changed my cycle a little bit and added a 5 stack SARM for the duration of the cycle + PCT (100 days)
MK 2866 - 30 mG
LGD 4033 - 10 mG
RAD 140 - 10 mG
MK 677 - 30 mG
GW 501516 - 20 mG

What do you think of this? Please let me know your thoughts.

This stack makes me nauseous

Yay! SARMS city…

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I bet that stacks is one of dylans personal favorites


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Just curious, what does this pill-salad cost you per/month?

Wait…meaning you’re going to run the SARMs during pct? Am I understanding that correctly?

Dang man. You must make some high dollar. I think you should just use test like you had planned but if you are going to use sarms just use LGD and RAD140 both at 15-20mg or just rad at like 30-40mg.

You guys made me laugh haha.
@iron_yuppie Yes that’s right through out PCT I read that it’s a good way to keep gains + size once coming off a test cycle

@yubs Costs moneyzzz about $150 +/month
@zeek1414 Made me lol hardm also why does it make you nauseous just want to understand is there too much? Or is it a silly idea?

It’s a great way to keep your gains, sure. But it’s not a pct. It’s just an extension of your existing cycle. So it’s not pct as much as it is a longer, much, much dumber cycle.

I just don’t like sarms. They don’t make sense to me. There is nothing about sarms that is better than steroids except the fact you don’t have to inject them. Everything a certain sarm can do there is a steroid out that can do 5x better

Sarms each come with a wide variety of possible wierd side effects and a laundry list of unknowns. So to see that many sarms all stacked together made me cringe.

Im far from Mr.healthy let’s keep it real I’m injecting hormones into my ass cheek and popping liver toxic pills for gainzzzzz. But I also know exactly what each pill I pop and each oil I Inject can do to me in the long run. I know all the risk and am able to monitor my bloods for early signs of bad shit happening.

You know nothing about the risk of sarms or about the long term effects and the shit we do know is horrible. That’s why Tony Hughes doesn’t sell sarms in the US anymore and a lot of major companies stopped trying to get fda approval for that shit because it had zero hopes of ever making it and the only thing they were accomplishing was discovering negative things like rapid onset of cancer and wierd reactions. So what do they do? Pull funding for fda testing slap a do not consume label in it and sell it as chemicals for your pet rat.

Problem is you got these guys like Dylan and Tony that look good (from steroid use not sarms) swearing by this shit claiming all these gains and greatness for a paycheck they don’t give a shit about you. Half these guys selling sarms don’t even use them. They use the money they make selling them and buy real steroids.