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My Comic Strip About Lifting


Check out my gym-comic on http://www.guidoandluigi.com ! The english may be a bit off at times :slight_smile:


Awesome job!!!

However, you may owe some acknowledgments to the "curling in the squat rack" thread.


Should make some posters of that and put them in every gym !


Those comics are great!


That is some funny stuff.

Curling Anti-Gravity machine...nice!!


Funny, nicely drawn... I've already bookmarked it and I hope we'll see them coming on a daily basis :slight_smile:


Haha, great job.


That's actually pretty good.


Great stuff:D


Thanks Testy!

Yeah, it was here I first found out I wasn't the only one who was annoyed with that stuff (been here some years, with a few different names). It's a universal phenomenon, it seems, as is gym moronism. Posted this on a British board as well and they thought I was commenting on the latest threads on that particular board :slightly_smiling:


I'm updating daily, yes :slight_smile:


If hammer strength rips that one you know where you saw it first!


Thats awesome.


those were hilarious


I like it, good job. This adds to the collection of activities I use to slack off every day. I've been told that I'm the most active lazy person people know.


You made those mate? Great work, im going through each one right now!


funny stuff. and surprisingly true.


Join the club! Like that term too, active lazy


I'm going for a new PR! Help me out if I stick in the bottom!

Ha ha ha, that's brilliant! Good work, mate. I'll go through them all when I have some free time; unofrtunately, I'm not an active lazy person.


Nice job!