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My Comeback Journey

Here’s my story…started lifting at 14yrs old. Competed in powerlifting and set records for teen class at 198 for deadlift at 600lbs. Competed in bodybuilding shows npc northern Kentucky at 19. Age 22 had inguinal hernia repair and just fell out of the game. Two years have gone by and now I’ve got the itch again and making my comeback. Game plan right now is Day1 back Day 2 chest Day3 arms Day4 legs Day 5 shoulders and lower back.

Yesterday trained back lat pulls, one arm db rows, barbell rows, seated upright row, low cable rows read felt machine.
Today trained chest incline barbell press, db press, hammer strength, pec day

Get my nutrition in line I’ll keep up to date on this blog. New to the whole blog thing.