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My Combat Athlete Workout


I was a competitive powerlifter for more then 10 years. Three years ago I changed my goals and today I train and compete in mma. I lost about 60-70 pounds in this sport transformation and invented a completely new way of training by combining my expirience in various sports with bar-barinas training and special forces drill. This is the result.

What do you think?


The video isn't loaded, all I'm getting is a big white square.


How can i submit a link for my youtube chanell with this training?



It seems that for some reason I cant post a video link. You can find my videos on youtube. My username is mvlahovic. If someone can post a link to my chanell it woud be great. There are over 30 clips of this kind of training. Its a mix of rosstraining, bar-barians and some of my own elements. Worth watching. Please comment.


oh, i remember you....you're the feller that tried to start an internet campaign to fight Marisz Pudinowski...

how'd that work out for ya?


Hahahahah I knew this dude sounded familiar...


Write Jure Vusnik on youtube. You will find my last fight versus bronze world superheavyweight in combat sambo. See how that turned up. I woud fight Mariusz anyday. Can someone post my youtube chanell videos? It woud be interested for lot of combat athletes.


Dude this is like Old skool troll week here.

I had to log out and log back in to figure out who this was.
can't you people use quotes, so I can see the play by play??

I'll give you this.
Clearly you spend allot of time on S&C.


honestly, most of your workouts are stunts.... while impressive in it's own right, a waste of time, IMO.

i adding to my ignore list...


I really cant believe this.... I just want to exchange opinion about physical training for combat athletes all over the world, explore, find other peoples views so why cant we be constructive. If someone can, please post these videos, do a little research and then give a constructive critic or suggestions.


honest question, why cant you post it yourself?

edit : your youtube channel i mean. link it or something. it is YOUR channel anyway.



cycob -that is why I asked for someone to quote cause someone was on the ignore list

to the OP I was being constructive.

Your too much of a goon to take seriously

As for your Strength and Conditioning work
clearly you have done the work and it shows
impressive feats

sadly for MMA or any combat sport

there is no combine test
or yardstick used to measure strength and conditioning


Post your own videos. We ain't your momma.


you are doing yourself a disservice this guy is hilariously, you will miss a lot of fun times with lots of laughter.