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My College Inheritance

So, this is my last week of college, as it also is for two of my old roomates. They are going home to boston and leaving me a wealth of protein powders that were bought with the best of intentions but were not used.

I have caesin, whey, and a little multi-stage stuff. I have recently just used multi-stage protein like Grow! and I am wondering if there is an optimum way to finish off the caesin and whey. Here are a few questions:

I know caesin before bed, but only caesin?

I feel i should mix the two for most MRP drinks throughout the day, possibly adding some coconut oil to add calories as I am bulking. Is this right?

I know whey and carbs after workouts, any benefits from a whey/caesin/carbs mix at that time?

Thanks in advance for any help over-analyzing my situation.


Just use them anytime you need protein Not magic. They are food. Yes go for the whey around w/o’s casien at bed and both other times.

Pretty simple really.

[quote]Phill wrote:
Yes go for the whey around w/o’s, casien at bed, and both other times.


Thats how I would most likely do it… or being as lazy/pressed for time as i am probably just use the combination all the time