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My Clomid Journey

I currently use 28 gauge easy touch. They work well. I would not say it’s hard it’s just slow. If your doing .25 -.5 ml it doesn’t take to long. Just a couple minutes at most. In my mind it’s worth it if I can control some scar tissue formation over the long term. I use shallow IM delt method. Works great.

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Do you think it would be ok to use that on the quads??
How long is the needle

I think it would be fine for me. I would do it. I’ve seen others stating that they do it. As long as you can get to the muscle but even if you dont isnt that a sub q injection? Go for it boss.

Thanks man I appreciate the advice. That helped out because I’m tired of using these bigger needles

I havent had a chance to pin the hcg but i will two days before my next dose. Probably around 500iu.

2 days after my Sustanon shot and i can barely walk. I had a muscle spasm as the needle was going in due to the sus. After googling around a bit it appears this is a common side for some. It didn’t hurt Thursday and gave me a little pain Friday, but Saturday its swollen pretty good. All the xanys, wammys and percs dont appear to be fixing this so ill just have to wait it out. Apparently its the test proprionate in the mixture or the BA.

I’m going to throw Clomid back into the mix to see if it can stop my testicles from shrinking. Its going to be a super low dose and i want to see if they get back up to the size they were while i was on Clomid. Lots of opinions floating around and very little personal experience.

do you not use HCG???

I just switched over to it last night. Clomid killed my libido again.

From what I have read, 1 inch is good for everything, buts delts are ok with 1/2 to 5/8 inch.

I personally have used 23g and 25g and don’t feel a difference (both 1 inch)…but I stick with 25g just for the scar tissue factor. I usually pin quads only twice a week rotating every shot, and this doesn’t cause me any issues. However, the last two shots I did I started getting a tiny bit of soreness about two days post injection. Nothing major, just like I had worked that muscle out really hard.

I put two and two together and realized that the muscle tissue is probably not healing fully between injections (I inject E3.5D) and that I’m aggravating the site, so today I had my wife do my injection in the glute. I will add both sides of that into the rotation and now it will be two weeks between specific sites instead of one. That should help beings that I’m giving the sites longer to heal.

Imo, if you are injecting IM, you should have at minimum 4 different injection sites to rotate. If you follow that rule, then you won’t have issues with PIP unless your technique is bad, or you are injecting a large volume at one time. The size of the needle (gauge wise) isn’t going to make that much of a difference, unless you start trying to use a 21 or 18g to inject…OUCH!!

oh shiiiii. That’s quite a coctail. I used to take the aromasin to prevent breast cancer. Could you please tell how it oozed it’s way into clomid treatment? And are you getting it from the local drug store or from this site?