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My Clomid Journey

Regimen 7/25
Clomid: 25mg ED
Aromasin: 12.5mg approx E3D

Regimen 8/2
Clomid: 50mg ED
Aromasin: 12.5mg E3D

Regimen 8/6
Clomid: 25mg EOD
Aromasin: 12.5mg E3D

Planned Regimen
Clomid: 12.5mg ED
Aromasin: 12.5mg E4D


Clomid appeared to be my only hope this year. I was having a more difficult time being in relationships because of my lack sexual drive and overall poor disposition. In 2012 i had my TT checked and it was 183 ng/dL (Normal range:123.06-813.86 ng/dL). I figured something was wrong when i lost an erection during drunk sex. At this point in my life i had never lost an erection. I did everything i could to boost my T naturally including diet and exercise but it only got me into the 240 ng/dL range. In 2018 instantly became depressed because even Cialis or Viagra wouldn’t work without the desire there. I’m 36 and in great shape 205, 6’0" and muscular but my T is in the trash.

After reading about some of the success stories with Clomid i decided to try it and keep track of my experiences here. I started 7/25/18 taking 25mg ED and out of curiosity i had my blood drawn on 7/27. I had sex 3 times that weekend and when i got the results my TT was at 396.33 ng/dl which makes sense. Previously getting an erection required too much work and now i cant make it go away. My TT almost doubled in 2 days. Switched to 50mg by mistake but i feel even better as as of 8/5

I took some Aromasin, because my GF touched my nipple (7/31) and i had the hardest most painful erection before i could blink. The flipside is touching my my penis would do nothing for me and solo the erections took effort. Currently taking half a pill E3D and that cleared up my libido issues quickly. I may even spread it out further if i dont have any real issues. When i wake up i feel like god, not a god, but literally like the god.

Morning wood has been very consistent and i have constant wood if im sitting down and too relaxed. Balls always feel like they are doing something. By that i mean tingly when thinking about sex to very achy at times in the first week. The aches have subsided to dull aches which for some strange reason turns me on.

I’m planning on having a full panel done on Tuesday. After the results arrive plan on scaling back the Clomid because if i can feel great at a super lower dose it would be better.

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Clomid blocks the estrogen works in our body so if we eat lots of broccoli then shouldn’t we get the same results :thinking:

@systemlord I really wanted you to comment on this brother

Apparently if I took aromasin by itself there would be a raise in test also. I’m learning so much from this site. I’m just scared of crashing my e in the process of trying to find a dose of aromasin that works. It is supposed to take some time for natural e levels to return

It does take time. Aromasin is a suicidal ai which attaches to the aromatase enzyme and essentially kills it where arimidex attaches to it for a short time and then sends it back into circulation. With aromasin you have to wait for your body to generate aromatase enzyme again. It sucks. I promise. I know first hand.

So what is your complete new protocol as of rite now if you don’t mind sharing please???

Regimen 8/6
Clomid: 25mg EOD
Aromasin: 12.5mg E3D

Started feeling like shit a few days ago and had to quit. Constant depressive feeling. I’m honestly thinking about taking test cyp or sustanon at this point. Already ordered it but i dont have the balls to use it.

Started taking test cypionate 3 weeks ago @125mg EW. The first week I could feel it working 3 days in. On my next shot I could feel my test dipping around day 5 but still took the shot on Friday like planned. Switched to sustanon on week 3 to see if i could make it the full 7 days without me feeling off. Also i upped my dose to 175mg of sustanon. If I experience sides then I’ll split the dose over a 4-5 day period. My goal isn’t to get swole it’s to just keep feeling normal so the lowest dose possible is what I want.

3 weeks in though and I would say test injections are the better route at 36. Things feel great and my sex drive is constant. My gf commented on my sexual aggression. I haven’t told her yet, but even she noticed. I fucked her until I almost passed out last week. She immediately fell asleep and didn’t ask for any more for 48 hours, which is a record for her. She also may be pregnant because of this fucking spree. My dick is now officially tougher than afghani hostage.

Picked up a 6 month supply of hcg to keep me fertile, cabergoline, aromasin and some arimidex. Currently I take the aromasin the day before I take the shot. So far I haven’t had any estrogen related sides. The other items I purchased just to make sure I could react quickly should I experience any sides.

Another cool thing I’ve learned from the internet is that using insulin needles work wonders. I dont backfill at all, I just inject air into the cap and fill the needle which takes about 2-3 min. I inject into quads and feel absolutely no injection pain. Soreness from the liquid may occur a day later, but it is very mild. I’m honestly much more sore from sex or morning wood. I also want to try subq shots but the data isn’t there yet.

What I’ve learned is that clomid doesn’t work for me longterm. Initially I dont think I had ever had a better sense of wellbeing but that ended abruptly. I hated wondering if today was going to be a good day.

You need to give your protocol at least 6 weeks to stabilize bud. Based on compounding half life. I felt the same way you did for 3 or 4 weeks in the beginning but it gets better. You have to hit steady state before you start making changes. You’ll be alright just pick your protocol and stick with it.

Hey man I’m about 6 years younger then you and I’m glad you are free being what works for you and what doesn’t

I was wondering do you know what caused your T to drop?? Because you said before this you never had an errection proablem

Also how often do you inject a week???
And I have never heard of sustanon I take enathate 150mg a week but I take daily shots because of my low SHBG

How much HCG do you take as well???

This is something I would like to hear about what size syringe and what gauge needle do you use. Because the oil is so think isn’t hard to draw the testosterone in the syringe???

Also do you use a 1inch or half a inch needle

Whenever I start a new protocol I start feeling like levels are dropping, but as I inch closer to 6 weeks, I begin to feel consistent. You need to give a new protocol more time before making changes as the new dose builds up in your system. Your building upon the half life of each dose until levels rise higher at 6 weeks.

If you make change 3 weeks into a new protocol, you’ll never know how it would have worked out in the end.

This is good advice
But I’m one of those guys that change my protocol if I feel like it’s not working with in 3 weeks. I feel like I just don’t have time for this crap I have other things in life that I need to focus on.
And that’s the most frustrating part

Another thing I just found out I have extremely low ferrtin does anyone know how to deal with this situation???

Week 3 for me always seems to be the worse, week 4-5 things start improving.

What about week 1&2

Can you use insulin needle to inject IM??

I use insulin needles to inject im

Which one d you use and is it hard to draw the testosterone