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My Cholesterol and AAS


I just had my cholesterol checked last week, got results today. I don't remember triglycerides, but I'm sure my totals were all okay.

Total: 199
HDL: 32
LDL: 100-something
(can't remember, I guess 199-32 = 167 ?)

I've found that I have high cholesterol eating as much as I do, especially on AAS, if I eat a high-carb diet. I am just coming off of test 800 and masteron 400/wk eating AD style, about 450g of fat per day (balanced of course), I only eat veggies 2-3x/wk (I've been lazy, busy, not hungry--humidity/heat/summer), and I just started doing regular cardio about two weeks ago. I'm giving most all of the credit to a low-carb, balanced-fat eating lifestyle.

I do eat 20-40g/day of fish oil (to get a proper balance) and two full servings of a greens superfood each day. But given that I could have been doing cardio and eating veggies, I think that this diet is something to consider for those having cholesterol problems while on AAS.

I will say that my HDL could be higher, but I don't think it's ever been 40 or above (I am genetically inclined to have bad cholesterol). If my cholesterol goes up or down it's just manipulation of LDL, regardless of AAS. I'm going to include multiple veggies every day and continue the cardio, so I'll let you guys know in a couple months if I can get my HDL levels up.

Anyway, sharing my experiences and something to consider.


just my two cents...

the one fat that will most certainly kill you is transfat and its new replacement - interestified fat...

cholesterol assists in the manufacture of sex hormones (testosterone). the brain is also largely made of it. there are schools of thought that say that the overly concern about cholesterol levels are exaggerated - aside from hypercholesterimia, a genetic disposition to incredibly high levels of cholesterol.

LDL is what patches any damages found in the veins. it is HDL that transports LDL. there really is no 'good' or 'bad' cholesterol.

the famous framingham study that correlated high cholesterol to heart attacks was skewed. test data came from those with hypercholesteremia and existing heart conditions. it was not done randomly nor blindly - they wanted a certain outcome.

after my heart attacks and having a rather excellent cholesterol profile - i did quite a bit of study.

i think its the amount of trigylcerides one wants to be careful of.



Where did you get your info on that study?


Thanks for the info, but I'm definitely not the person you need to be telling this to. I am well versed in fatty acid chemistry and metabolism. I do not ingest interesterified fats, and the only trans fats I consume come from dairy products like butter. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that naturally occurring trans-fats have potential health benefits.

Based on your post you are mixed up with what HDL and LDL cholesterol do. Assuming it wasn't a misunderstanding/type, I would suggest reading Wikipedia and also researching lipoprotein subtypes and functions. You do have the right idea though, there is no good or bad cholesterol per se. It is like fat--as long as you have a proper balance of fat intake it is very healthy, and a deficiency of any type can cause problems.

To the poster asking about the study: there are many reviews of literature that suggest HDL and heart disease are not correlated. The correlation is multi-faceted and cannot be diectly related to HDL alone.


I also just had mine checked about a month ago. My Cholesterol was 193
HDL 13
LDL 164

The last 2 are pretty bad considering my age.

I finished up my cycle right when I had blood work, and now the Dr. gave me 3 months to see if my cholesterol gets better. I started doing cardio atleast 3x's per week.

Anyone have any experience if the cholesterol should get better since I am not cycling and incorporated cardio, or is this something that could stick around.

Thanks for any insight.


I'm pretty sure your questions are answered in the above posts, if not directly then very implied. Cardio and ceasing use of AAS will definitely have a positive impact on your cholesterol.


Good thread you've got going here Schwarz. My HDLs are always on the low end of the spectrum so I do consider extra cardio as mandatory. I shoot for 3-4 sessions a week, both low and higher-intensity stuff depending on how much is in the tank. And while I feel better and the extra cardio def makes sex better so it's completely worth it, it's usually only good for +5 in HDLs. I think 44 was my career high, which still had me around 4.5:1 total:HDL ratio which could always be better.

One of these days, I need to experiment with that time-released niacin option.


My cardiologist is always playing with my cholesterol....he does have me on 500mg of Niacin (niaspan script)which is a slow release version. to help elevate my HDL value he says. And friggen Zocor 20mg.

Not at the stage I want to be in for AAS usage as of date (get some fat off first), just responding to the niacin post.


My TC was 270 before TRT. TRT reduced this to 206 and HDL was unchanged. That was a huge change for the better. I am 58yo.

My most recent was TC=189 [blood bank reported as 167]. My HDL increased from 50 to 68, which is above normal range and also a very good thing. My triglycerides went from 129-->80; also a good change.

I had resumed taking niacin, the kind that makes one 'flush' and also started taking a red rice yeast concentrate, which has some natural statin drugs in it.

Triglycerides respond strongly for some to cardio.

So for me, TRT, niacin and red rice yeast has had a great effect. My lipid profile now seems ideal.


Pharmaceutical companies, by law, must make as much money as possible. How do they do that? By selling drugs. They therefore push all this 'stuff' on the public and get their highly-paid drug middlemen (doctors) to peddle their wares.

(1) Don't drink (2) don't smoke

(3) Don't eat fast food (at most once/week)

and you don't have to worry about any of that crap.

Triglyceridies, LDL, HDL, and all that, while they exist, are just hyped-up means to make money for shitbags.


I'm definitely going to look into niacin and red rice yeast.

Do any OTC niacin supps work well?


I have been using that resverotrol supplement and one 81mg ASA per day. Hopefully it is working. lol. Still havn't had the time to go back to get rechecked.


I just saw an MD on Fox News, Sat or Sun AM, and he claimed they have taken the statin out of OTC red yeast products. I am positive he said that as I was told by KSman that he took it. So I did pay attention. Whether it's true or not is another thing. I will look for a link.


Here is the link but I can't get it to play the session.


[edit]just click on video [edit] [/quote]


I viewed that, load of crap 100%.


Just click on video or buyer beware on the red rice article. [/quote]


I don't doubt it a bit. Like I said, just something I saw a passed along. [/quote]