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My Chest Isn't Balanced

i dont know why but my chest does not have balance. my left chest is alot larger compared to my right. it seems like the left is growing “properly”, meaning according to my training but my right is just lagging behind. ive had a small imbalance and people say it will just even out but after training for longer, it seems to be even more pronounced.

also, im a beginner, training for less than a year. ive made some pretty good gains but i havent been able to stick to a program and thats really hurting me. i want to just go back to rippetoe where i made the best gains.

my focus is really just to look good. i want a more full chest, but rippetoe is just benching. is that okay for my goals? i read that dumbbell presses are alot better for your chest. basically, can i get a chest like this by just benching and not doing any other chest exercises?

last question. how do i make my muscles “harder”.

*thats not me, thats what i want to look like haha. short term goal.

Dumbbell bench presses hit your pecs better, but it’s still possible to lean towards triceps dominant on one side. DB flyes, cable flyes, and pec deck will probably suit your goals better because they isolate the pecs. They’ll get rid of the imbalance for sure.

The db’s are definitely a better option than barbells because each side will be working independently so the stronger side won’t be able to take over for the weaker one and it will have to grow.

I disagree. When doing DB bench press, I ALWAYS get a larger pump and stimulation in the right pec than the left, even though both side are working “independently”.

A better thing to do is UNIlateral DB bench press. Just work one side at a time, not both. Its a theory, but I think that when both limbs lift at the same time (even if they’re lifting independently), they fire much the same as though if it were a bilateral exercise.