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My Chest is always Sore


I’ve been training for a little over a year now , making good gains overall. But one thing that still bothers me is my chest. It’s always fucking sore , no really. I suspect that my chest got sore 30+ times in this period of training. I focused on Bench Presses (normal angle or inclined with bars or dumbells) ,dips, push ups , and did some isolation movements from time to time. But it’s still always sore. Whenever I attempt a new weight or get a couple more reps , I am certain that the next day my chest will be sore. Any thoughts about it ?


Note that I train my chest twice a week so it’s not a frequency thing maybe


Could also be the volume or the intensity level your using per session .


I usually cycle my lifts and currently I am training on the Incline Bench Press for 3 heavy hard sets followed by getting as much dips as I can in 5 mins


If you are getting sore all the time you are probably using more weight and or intensity than you can currently handle. Yes you are physically able to lift the weight but you haven’t spent enough time with a manageable weight to really consolidate your gains, and for your body to adapt.
Also if you are training chest twice a week, most people can’t handle 2 heavy workouts, especially with the same exercises. You could try a lighter day with the same exercises, or you could try different exercises.


do you stretch it hard afterwards? if not, try that


You mean an unweighted stretch ?


yep, stuff like this…


That’s the best god damn pec stretching clip I’ve ever seen. Thanks for posting that RB.