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My Chemone Experience

First i don’t want to debate anyone i just want to share my experience. Ordered an item on a Sunday, specified express shipping. Confirmation initially within an hour…shipping confirmation the next day…product one day later. In my book that kicks butt.

Same experience here… Ordered one day, confirmation within minutes, product two days later on my doorstep!


why am i not surprised.

Another good experience from ChemOne? What’s next? I suppose the sun will rise tomorrow now

Was it shipped in a washing machine?


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I think everyone can agree that chemone is a great site. I had the same experience, and I’ve never heard of anyone having a bad experience with them.

[quote]4est wrote:
Was it shipped in a washing machine?



No complaints here - took less than a week to get to my office in the UK and no import duties.

Not to pound on the same drum…but C1 is VERY professional and great to work with. Never-ever-never had a bad experience.

I only wish more companies treated me the same way…better yet…I wish the world would treat each other in the same. OK…I’m sucking up…but I stand by my statement.

how are they to canada?

ChemOne products killed my brother.

…and stole my girlfriend.

But their reliability and quality are still among the best in the business.

[quote]Split wrote:
how are they to canada?[/quote]

I dont know the answer to this… however am quite curious as well. Am ready to place an order for that matter.

Agreed, prices are good, and the shipping was QUICK. Kudos to Chemone.

BTW, if I tear the heads off of random fucknuts for curling in my squat rack, I’m blaming chemone :wink:

Chemone is Simply the Best…

Had a great Experience
Ordered it 2 days later at my door…

They get to Canada in under a week. Never had a problem with 3 orders so far.

Great experience. Prompt shipping. They were even able to calm my fears when I got a little “antsy” when I didn’t get a confirmation order right away. (Thought for sure that I was going to get scammed)

Just to bump and sing the praise of chomone, I have Cialis on hand and dam is it good :slight_smile:

Arrived within 3 business days of my order and it works too well. Among other orders, chemone rocks in my book.

[quote]Split wrote:
how are they to canada?[/quote]

Excellent. Really quick too.