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My Cat Swallowed a TRIBEX Pill


Subject line pretty much says it all. I set 2 on the table while getting a glass of water, came back, and one was missing. I know it was my cat because I spent the next 20 minutes cleaning up its puke. So I'm wondering, does "induce vomiting" solve the problem? Or is my cat going to be running on T for a day? Just curious, I couldn't care less if it dies, it was a gift from an ex girlfriend. (for the PETA members: I'm not cruel to it, I'm a great owner, I just don't care if it dies)


So your cat ate the pill and vomited, but the pill didn't come back up?

I only ask because you didn't mention this detail, and I am assuming you are intelligent enough to know that if the cat puked it up, it wouldn't have had time to digest/absorb anything.

If the pill didn't come back up, I'm sure you won't notice any difference in your kitty except for perhaps a clump in its stool if the pill doesn't digest fully.


Your cat will now become a Laser Cat. Watch out, better get rid of it.


I'd tell you to call animal poison control but they will probably charge you. You can pay, or call your vet, and your vet will call poison control (assuming they're unfamiliar with how it will affect your cat), likely with no cost to you if your cat is up to date on exams.


If your cat has a boner lasting longer than 4 hours call the vet. Also don't sleep on yer stomach....just saying


haha Great responses, all. It's still alive, so I think we're in the clear as far as death goes, but was pissy for a good 4 hours. I can't tell if it was pissed at me for "tricking" it into eating a pill (it eats anything on the table), or if it was elevated T levels. Can one pill work that fast?

And Anonym, the pill didn't come up. Mostly slime. Sorry, forgot to mention that part.


Dude, it's not magic, it's just a test booster.

OP, hope you've always wanted a pet lion though, that things gonna get jacked :slight_smile:


...pretty sure he was joking...


And I'm not?


I doubt the pill would work that fast on your cat with just a single dose. He might have been pissy because it wasn't dissolving too well for him (it's a fairly large pill for a cat to have, I think) and was causing some discomfort.


your cat's power level might go over 9000, no biggie




No, you were dead serious about the cat turning into a lion. Stupid, get a brain dumbie.


I can't keep my cat out of my Surge Recovery. He licks the debris off the sides of the tub and I can't get him to stop, and for some reason he only goes strictly for the Surge. There's MAG-10, Anaconda, Metabolic Drive, and regular whey all sit under my desk. Yet 99% of the time he's got the tub of Surge out and rollin it up and down the hallway licking the sides.


LOL...just saying


You knew the risk was death and you don't care. You were clearly hoping someone here would confirm that the massive dose of Testosterone would turn your cat into some type of raging war beast monster kitty. (Which would rule...)


That's such a jerk thing to say. Now I'm putting you on my list of people that are mean. Beware.


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