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My Cardio??


okay heres the low down on me, im 6'3 300 pounds at about 26-29% body fat my goals well i want to become 250-300 at 10% body fat or a bit lower, id also like to be able to play sports ( rugby football mostly)

now what im doing right now is eating every 3 hours balanced healthy meals

for my training i do a 2 day split upper/lower 4 days a week 2 days upper 2 days lower with wed no lifting and no lifting on weekends

cardio wise ive been doing 10 min warm ups then 30 mins after on days i lift and on the wed i do 45 mins all this has been cycling

however now im getting ready to start rugby so im dropping cycling and starting running, im still not in good enough shape to handle HIIT for running so im doing a warm up, then about 15 mins of running then cool down for a total of about 20 mins

once i start rugby it will be 3 days a week 2 one hour practices and one game so i wont have to do ANY cardio in the gym cept mabye one session a week just to keep my vOX2 max up

my question is have i been doing too much cardio? is doing 20-30 mins of running 5 days a week too much for my goals of muscular size/strength? will i EVER be able to be big strong and well conditioned?


I'm just not a big fan of cardio in general, except in your case where you're using it to get into game shape. I think at this point it is fine since you need to lose weight, and at your body fat most of the weight lost will be fat. I'm a bigger believer in losing fat by having a tight diet and just workout constantly, with too much cardio you can burn out really quick, or just get smaller but still look the same definition.

I would recommend keep going until you hit around 15% bf, from then on I would slow down on cardio and really look to nutrition as your path to get lean.


Cardio, along with a calorie restricting diet (~1800 Calories a day) help me lose about 50 pounds of fat. It also help me lose every ounce of muscle that was on my body (except for my legs of course). So I have muscular legs to help me handle 2 hours of high intensity mountain biking, but I could barely bench press 135.

Im glad I did it this way. Im definitley glad I got lean (as lean as my body would get ~11% BF) and then bulk.

So if you wanna follow my plan then do that, if not, then formulate your own.

How I lost weight:
-Restrict Calories
The amount you restrict depends on your metabolism. 1800 calories was about 400 calories below my maintanance. This is a must.

-Cardio (In the morning or before bed is best IMO)
30 Minutes a day is fine for you. Just make sure, like the above post says, not to burn out. 30 minutes of very low intensity jogging is good, but if you burn out (which is very to do on a calorie restricting diet) then you will most likely pig out and gain some weight back.

-Lift weights
I lifted weights which defenitley helped with weight loss. Again, not to much intensity with the weight lifting, you dont want to burn out.

Well these are just the basic ways I lost weight and now I have a new method I use to help gain muscle and minimize fat gain. Take any ideas from this, and then go look through the diets here in T-Nation and take ideas from them, but losing weight isnt too hard, just eat less and be more active. Good luck my friend


well my maintanence caloric intake is 4000 or about there, and im eating on The Zone diet so lots and LOTS of healthy foods and eating every 3 hours, but the actualy caloric value of ALL that food is 2000-2500 but im never hungry, and im making strength gains and im not burned out at all so the zone is doing what it claims which is nice


I'm not sure, but I think your supposed to find your maintance calories by subtracting the amount of fat on your body from your body weight and then using your lean body mass to find your maintance.