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My Carbolin 19 Results


Sorry I don't have pictures, but here it is:

im 21, with about 4 years of training experience and only 1 year of actually eating, lol.

Weight (LBM/FM): 174.5lbs (153.5/20.9)
BF: 12.0%

Ending (4 months later)
Weight (LBM/FM): 188lbs (164.2/23.8)
BF: 12.67%

I used a 7 site skinfold test with those plastic accu-measure calipers, so I don't know how accurate the numbers are, but they are consistent.

some RMs

conventional deadlift 1rm
before: 230lbs
after: 300lbs

seated row 5rm
before: 80lbs
after: 140lbs

Dip 5rm
before: bw + 25lbs
after: bw + 60lbs

I don't bother testing bench rm, they hurt my shoulders.

Calories upped from about 2700 at the start to near 4000 at the end.


Congrats on your results!
However, not to take anything away from dear Biotest whom i've been a loyal customer to for years, but your additional 1300 calories a day (156,000 over 4 months) may have had more to do with your gains than the Carbolin 19.


Yup, you should have kept everything the same while trying out the new supplement to see if its really working. Otherwise, you have no idea what worked.


Lol yea, that is what I pretty much figured. Honestly, the only thing I think I can directly attribute to Carbolin 19 is the increase in appetite, the rest probably follows from increased calorie consumption. I have never even been able to come close to maintaining ~4k cals/day before now.

Still though, I thought someone might be interested in the outcome.


It can be hard to do a bulk without upping calories... :wink:


I wish I could have kept it all the same, hunger prevailed however. As I said earlier though, I think the real benefit of the supp was the increase in apetite itself, the gains just followed from that (I can attribute it to nothing else).


Upping 1300 kcals a day you'd expect him to put on a higher quantity of fat than the small amount that he did.

Usually someone who would make such a steady gain with the same body fat percentage (pretty much 12% of his gain was fat) would only increase kcal by 500.

I say its good enough evidence that the supplement worked.


ive just bought caroblin.
has anyone else had good strength gains from it?


He stated his strength gains in the post. How Many caps did you take a day to get those results.


Ten pounds lean mass with less than a 1% fat gain? Good stuff, man. Congrats.




I did the first month at the minimum dosage and didn't notice too much of an effect so I bumped up to 4 caps/day. There were a few days when I just forgot to take the second dose after lunch though.


Ahh, I was planning on ordering a couple bottles this month and a couple next month to use in 3-4 months. You didn't think about taking it with something else like TRIBEX or Methoxy-7. Anyone have any results putting any of those together.


Starting fairly soon I am going to be stacking Carbolin 19/TRIBEX for 3 months. My Carbolin 19 is WAY out of refund zone (bought it in a big shipment at start of year) so hopefully it works.

Gaining 12 pounds or so and under 1 pound of fat? Thats the shit right there. I hope anything similar to that happens for me. Biotest will have to order some more raw materials if thats the case.


i train from 10am-2pm when would it be best taking Carbolin 19.

and should i use it everyday or just on my high intensity days?


Everyday as directed on the bottle.


That is currently the stack that I'm taking - Methoxy-7, Carbolin 19 and TRIBEX gold.

I am just a few weeks into it, so I can not evaluate the results much, but I feel great and have been stedily growing stronger in all the major lifts.


Would it be safe to say Carbolin 19 would be the staple of all these. What would you guys prefer to take together. I have some extra funds on the 12th so I have to take advantage of it when I can and start saving supps while I have the funds. I have no intention on taking any of these supps at the moment. It's just motivation when I look in my cupboard to get where I need to be to take these. Is creatine allright to take when taking any of those. I read through the supp info and couldn't find anything on it.


Are you bulking, cutting or just maintaining?

The reason why I ask is the Methoxy-7 seems to be more for cutting (I suppose anything for cutting would also work to lower fat when maintaining, and reduce fat gain when bulking as well tho.)


I'm definately a bulker. On the 12th My order will go as follows:

3 tubs of Surge
3 bottles of Carbolin 19
2 bottles of TRIBEX
1 bottle of Methoxy-7
1 tub of Creatine
1 tub of Power Drive
1 box of Bars (Rocky Road), lol

I have 3 months worth of Grow! but I cant take any of these for awhile so I'll have to order 10 more tubs next month (just hope it's in stock). I get paid once a month so I have to stock up before I spend my money just so it's done. I hope it's all still in stock then.

Is it reasonable to take creatine during that time or lay off it till I'm done. I figure it should help with workout endurance but I'm not sure.

Sorry, I'm not trying to hijack.