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My Carb Intake is Ridiculous.

I am getting 120-170g of carbs per day… every day…

According to FitDay, that is.

However, I’m only getting about 2300 calories/day
Meaning carbs make up about 50% of my calories…
This is BAD

89 of my carbs on one day came from BREAD alone… So I cut my bread intake to almost zero.

25 from a pear. I eat a pear or apple every day at lunch

39 from oatmeal in the morning

and sometimes 50-60 at dinner!!!

What can I do to avoid carbs? Filling, preferably generic foods that i can phase bread out with.

Consider fiber to be “free”. In the sense that it’s not really free, but it won’t hurt your goals so much. Green vegetables will help out.

170x4=680, so only around a third of your cals are coming from carbs. 2300 cals a day isn’t much, and 170g of carbs is nothing. Why are you afraid of carbs? Are you cutting?

Eat other stuff than carbs?

Whats wrong with carbs anyway, if your eating 2300 calories a day chances are you dont have much muscle and could use the extra calories/carbs.

If weight loss is the issue, I would wait as long as I could without cutting carbs. No diet sucks worse than a low carb diet, no energy, loss of strength, it just blows.

If you dont want Carbs then stop eating Carb filled foods such as potato, pasta and rice.

You will still want carbs in your diet but have them for breakfast only (IE oatmeal or toast)

If you are getting carbs from fruit and veg then they are fine. Its processed starchy carbs you want to cut out.

Dont “phase” bread out (ie lunchtime sandwiches) just prepare yur food in advance (I love tinned salmon salad)

if you are cutting down with this many carbs and you have plateaued(if you havent then continue), then cut out bread definitely. i say eat veggies, 1-3 fruits(at breakfast and post workout shake), and some whole wheat rice in post workout meal and a bit before training on training days(for example 30grams of it preworkout and ~100 post workout)

in the end you’ll end up with around 200 grams of carsb in workout days and around 50-100 in non workout days.

you’ll also need cheat meals to keep metabolism up. if your metabolism goes down and you plateau even with the above there is no way you gonna lose any more fat, except with supplements or something…

I’m with Newb and mt006. If you don’t want to eat carbs, don’t. But why don’t you? What’s the big deal with carbs?