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My Carb Cycling Macros/Training


Done the CKD diet for a few weeks,didn't really mind it but it's not for me. I did lose few % of bodyfat so it wasn't a waste of time but i think i'm gonna do a carb cycle again since it fitted in with my training and what i eat better. This time i'm looking at following Christian Thibaudeau's CARB CYCLE CODEX. I just want to check my macro percentages and that i've got the right amounts based on my stats.

Weight: 160 lbs
Bodyfat: 15%
LBM: 136 lbs
Bodytype: Mesomorph
Height: 5'5
Age: 24
BMR x Activity Level: 2640 cals

So based on my stats and CT'S calculations i would need the following for the different days.

240g Protein,250g carbs,40g fat = 2320 cals

240g protein,200g carbs,40g fat = 2120 cals

240g protein,150g carbs,40g fat = 1920 cals

This is based exactly on what he said on the article but i'm not to sure about the numbers since i've just came off the CKD,which protein requirement is based on LEAN body mass rather than total. Also on the low days carbs seem a bit high compared to percentages on other carb cycles i've seen so i would possibly lower it to 50g of carbs and replace the calories lost with fat?

So if the above values seem alright then say so... If they look a bit dodgy for my stats then post a reccomended daily percentages for the high/mod/low days for me to lose fat.

My weekly breakdown will be:

Monday: Chest/Tris/Abs HIGH
Tuesday: Back/Bis/Forearms MOD
Wednesday: LOW
Thursday: Delts/Traps/Abs HIGH
Friday: Legs MOD
Saturday: LOW
Sunday: LOW

Another question is what type of training is better on your experience on a carb cycle diet?


You could start by training your legs more than once/week.


How do you know your a mesomoroph?


I'v been lifting weights for a few years and have never really had to do any hard work to build my muscles in my legs. So i'm deciding to have a higher carb day for my delts instead of my legs.

Training legs twice a week? i've never done that. When bulking up i train quads and hams on different days but not all my leg muscles for 2 days.

And bodytype is based on what i know about how my bodyworks,how i gain/lose muscle and fat. Also based on bodybuilders that have bee doing it for 30+ years telling me. You get your types of mesomorphs,true,ecto-meso,etc. But i've never really bothered about looking into bodytypes any more.


If you're trying to cut, I would recommend training legs 2x/week as lower body lifts are MUCH more metabolically challenging. I train legs 3 or 4x/week when on a cut. Also, there are no laws against training legs and upper on the same training day for the added metabolic boost.

I wouldn't get TOO held up on your body-type. It is very good to know how well you gain/lose relative to one another, but don't let this limit your physique goals (just yet).


Might do that then. How about this set up?

Monday: Chest/Biceps/Forearms
Tuesday: Back/Hams/Calves
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Quads/Calves
Friday: Shoulders/Traps/Triceps
Saturday: Full leg workout,mainly isolation and drop sets
Sunday: Off


Ok well how about throwing legs in on a saturday as well then? Doing mainly heavy compounds on the thursday which would be a high carb day,and only doing a couple of curl exercises. Then on the saturday just do a few compounds and focus on the curls and drop sets.