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My Carb Cycle Diet

Hey Im new, I need to cut weight and get in shape, I have time though and I know for most carb cycle diets people have a high,med,low day but I cut the middle day out, its easy for me to either do no carbs, or very high carbs in between I lose control…

so I took my weight and just multiplied it by 12, so about 1950 cals or so…and my low day consist of fat and meat only,4 days at about 1600 cal, I will only be doing either some ss cardio or my mma classes/bjj etc High days im eating 2x my bodyweight in carbs and my weight in protein the rest is some fat, I will lift these days and do HITT 2 times weekly, alright wish me luck and any thoughts or suggestions Appreciated!

I’m doing the same thing with moderate days. I do 1.25g/lb BW carbs on mid-days, 1.25 x that on training days, and .75 x that on off days. Protein and fat stay the same. Its pretty much the exact template from the Carb Cycling Codex article. Its not really low carb for me, and I will probably adjust as I see how things go.

I think its a good approach. I got little notebooks to write down everything that goes into my mouth and am using the fitday to track it. I just started this on Monday, so I don’t have any results but I think its a good strategy.

My training plan is similar as well. 2 Heavy total body days, 2 days circuits/complexes, and some rower intervals/steady state on rest days.

Good luck.