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My Car Got T-Boned

Sup guys,

My maxima got T-boned last week and it ain’t pretty. Sorry but I don’t have any pics to post. Far too depressing for me to take pics and then post them up.

It’s an 01 maxima, with about 78k miles. It was in near perfect condition before the accident but now my passenger doors are smashed in, my leather passenger seats are crushed inwards.

The frame is bent, the right side of the roof of the car is elevated higher than the left side, my side skirt is destroyed of course too. No damage to the front right panel. A strange little bend in the back right panel, my gear shift box is askew. The glovebox and center arm rest thing dont close properly either.

BUT, the car still runs like nothing ever happened.

So here is the problem…the accident went down as my fault AND I only have liability insurance. I havent taken it to a shop yet but I estimate AT LEAST 10 grand in damages.

so my question now is…what the hell do I do? Do I part out my max and cut my losses? I mean the motor has about 78k but it’s been maintained so well and still runs great. I gotta be able to get something for that, right?

So basically that is what I am leaning towards but I’m wondering if there are other options that you knowledgeable folks are aware of that I am missing.

Also…anybody know how I would go about selling a motor? As far as parts, I know I could sell them through car forums I am a member of as well as other places but is it just smarter to sell the entire car to someone as is? I have no clue…

Front lip, rear valence, street scenes grill and valence, air intake, wheels, guage rings (unopened and untouched), FSTB, RSB, bodykit except for one damaged sideskirt) etc… all these things are pretty much for sale.

Anyways, hope you guys can offer some good advice.


Addco RSB,
Courtesy FSTB,
Frankencar/JWT intake,
Greddy Catback
Powerslot Rotors(all around)
HR springs w/ KYB-GR2 Struts
Hawk Brake Pads up front
Aluminum Guage Bezel,
Street Scenes Custom Grill & Valence, Clear side markers
Stillen front touring lip spoiler with AeroKit Side Skirts and Rear Valence.
Optima Red Battery

Ebay is probably your safest bet. What I would do is check out all those parts you listed on Ebay and see what they’re going for on the market. I’m not into imports plus I have no idea what your damage looks like. But if your frame is bent I can’t imagine you getting much more than a grand, maybe 1500 for the entire car. I’m also guessing here, but the engine might go for $300…Maybe another $300 for your tranny…

I hope you and whatever passengers were in the car are OK.

I would suggest seeing if a local bodyshop is interested in purchasing it or one of those “salvage” used car places that buy wrecks and put them up for sale as fixer uppers.

Might I inquire as to why you only had liability on such a new, nicely kept, and modified automobile???