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My Calf-Building Tip


When you brush your teeth, stay on your tippy-toes.

Don't merely bring your heels of the floor--really push hard. Hold that the entire time you're brushing your teeth. It's easy to remember to do and doesn't take any extra time out of your day.

To make the exercise harder, add a set of flossing!

Any thoughts?


so you are saying I should order one of those trap raise/calf raise machines for my bathroom? oic I'll get right on it.


pics of your calves, obvi


Or you could Do seated/standing calf raises, slow the movement down, complete full extension reps, Pinch the muscle at the top, and use some heavy ass weight... But i guess that only applies if you ACTUALLY want your calves to grow.

Doing Teeth brushing raises is the equivalent of buying a 'Shock your belly fat into Hawt Abz' belt. Ya you may feel something, but it isnt going to work.


Obviously, you wouldn't do this in regular heavy training's stead.


standing calf raises and weighted ruck marches work for me


Everyone always looks at me funny when I brush and floss at the gym.... at the squat rack


When my calves really started to respond, I would actually stretch them off the street curb whenever I walked my dog. He'd stop to sniff around some tree, and I'd get the deepest stretch I could for a good 15-20 seconds before walking to the next tree. Of course I also trained the hell out of 'em addressing each muscle on a different day with a different rep scheme, but I think the street curb story is much more entertaining.



..while brushing your teeth. Good hygiene is more impressive to the gym bunny than your pecz!

After years of working them as an afterthought, I did just that: heavy work, stretch every rep, supersetting sitting and standing. It helped for a month, then stopped. CT says to leave them alone for a month, then return. I believe that using every possible moment to train them, during that month, helps.


:slight_smile: Stu, that's the same what I do whenever I'm hitting the gym to squat. Looses up the stiff achilles-tendon, making it easier to stay upright during squats. And painful 2.


BWA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks OP


Here's my tip:

Get better parents.



Lulz, I actually did one legged calf raises while brushing my teeth as a kid.


LOL cause he made a worthwhile contribution. What better way to practice recruiting a muscle than practicing? Part of being a bodybuilder is flexing after all, practice when you can I figure


"He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run...one cannot fly into flying." -Nietzsche

The thread is entitled calf building tip. Will standing on your tip toes for a minute a day, 2x a day, while your brushing you teeth build your calves? No,Probably not. Could it possibly help build some endurance? Yea, maybe.

Honestly, i'd argue that doing this would probably just be a good way to aggravate something


Above this line are people who love getting trolled


Well, considering its not entitled "Will add x inches to your calves" I see no reason to dismiss this. I'd say if your going to do work for your rotator cuff why not do something for your foot? Hell, learn to do the splits too. It is an added skill that shouldn't negatively affect bodybuilding and it even trains your CNS, or some shit.