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My Bulking: Started 4 Weeks Ago

Hey you!

I’m just wondering what you think of by bulking up, I started about 4 weeks ago, where i stood at 71kg(in the morning, after toilet^^)

And today I stood at 76kg in the morning, same routine.

I havnt done anything realy dedicated, other than going to the gym alot, and drinking my weight gainer. And ofc, tried to eat abit more of everything.

I always considered myself hard gainer(Im 200cm tall) But after this, I guess I just never ate enough :smiley:

And no, don’t think “it’s just more bodyfat” my abs have gotten more visible in this training period as well.

So I’m well happy!

Good for you man, keep going.

Just keep gaining strength and the rest will take care of itself.