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My Bulking Meal Plan [Please Critique]


I'm 155lb's, 13% BF. Following Westside for Skinny Bastards (4xWeek workout). This is my bulking meal plan, please critique:

Total Calories: 2875
Total Protein: 335
Total Fats: 84
Total Carbs: 268

I'm also looking for advice on good variations for meals and hitting the same macros. Also, should there be a difference for the meal plan on workout and rest days? I've read it doesn't particularly matter but just making sure. Thanks.

Wake-up: 15P/6F/57C
200g Oats w/ milk
1 banana
Vitamin C, D, Fish Oil, Creatine

Meal 1: 50P/29F/70C
3 eggs
2 whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter
500 ml's milk

Meal 2: 85P/25F/35C
300g salmon/tuna
100g rice
200g spinach

Post-workout: 66P/7F/52C
2 scoops ON whey
500ml's milk
1 apple

Meal 3: 119P/17F/54C
300g chicken/steak
100g potatoes
200g broccoli
500ml's milk


That looks pretty good to me, but I’m not particularly qualified to answer.

Probably the biggest thing that stands out is that it might not be enough calories.

Because everyone’s metabolism is different, you may need more calories than that to gain; you may need less. The point is, you’ll need to measure and assess on a regular basis. This means using a scale to make sure the weight is going up at a good rate, and using photos to keep yourself honest about whether you’re gaining or losing fat. (The mirror can lie, photos don’t.)

I suggest weighing yourself regularly in the mornings after using the bathroom, at least once a week, possibly daily. If you weigh daily, don’t get caught up in the actual fluctuations… just record it and get an idea to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. A good rate of bodyweight gain is .5 - 1.5 lbs of bodyweight a week, as long as all of your lifts are also going up. Take photos every week or two.

If you’re not gaining enough weight, eat more. If you’re exceeding 2lbs a week (again, on average, not an exact science), then cut back. If you’re gaining fat at a rate you’re uncomfortable with, cut back. If your lifts aren’t going up, work harder in the gym, recover better, or eat more.

A lot of it is just making adjustments as you learn what works for you.


Macros look pretty good. You could take out a little protein and add in some more fat, around 100g. Eat like this for a few weeks to see how your body responds. If the scale is climbing slowly, you’re right on track. A few pounds a month is good progress; 10-20 lbs a month would be something to worry about.