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My bulking diet?


Hey, just thought i would post my bulking diet to make sure im on the right track! would appreciate any feedback, thanks

Meal 1 - 3 eggs scrambled 2 slices wholewheat bread and apple
Meal 2 - 100g wholewheat pasta + 70g chicken breast and some peas
Meal 3(post workout) - shake - 50g oats, banana, scoop or 2 of whey all blended with milk
Meal 4(dinner) -usually fish, chicken or meat with potatoes brocolli and some other veg
Meal 5 - 100g wholewheat pasta with chicken and peas
Meal 6 - tin of tuna with wholewheat bread and some milk + almonds


It would help if you put the macros down, also your height and weight so that way people can make more accurate tweaks/opinions on it. Looks like all solid food. I would replace the whole wheat bread with something like potatoes, sweet potatoes, or rice though. It/s easy to stick a potatoe in the microwave for 6-8 minutes.


Why would you consider a potato better than whole wheat bread? Yams maybe, but I always thought that white potatoes and white rice were basically like eating sugar as far as your body digests them. Wouldn't sprouted wheat bread be a better choice? Or is this being too picky if you are on an all-out bulk?


I'm 5'11 and 168lb at the moment. Not sure about the macros, i'd maybe say around 50 30 10 (c/p/f), i dont think i get as many healthy fats as i should.


How has it been working for you thus far?

I would add some healthy fats, oils and/or nuts.

If your not adding quality size then add more food.


2.5 oz of chicken? That's like a bite.

Anyways like someone above said, look into adding some healthy fats into your diet.


I'm just not a big fan of highly processed carbs. I don't think you can be too picky on a bulk if you have the extra free time to cook and prepare food everyday.

x3 on the fats, eat six eggs in the morning. Add 2-4 tablespoons of natural peanut butter every other meal, olive oil over your vegetables, and of course nuts. Pretty easy to add fats.


Meals 1, 2, and 5 seem to be too low in protein. Ditto on the fats.

Memorize this flow chart. Yes, it really is this simple.


thanks for you help. Also when do you tend to gain weight in the week, i mean should I have gained 0.5lb half way through the week or is it not linear like this? that pound has gotta be put on somewhere in the week?


Weigh yourself sunday, by the time the next sunday comes around you should have put on 1lb. I think you may be over thinking this

Also Jay, awesome flow chart thanks for posting that


Potatoes and rice > bread

No one argues that. Red potatoes, white potatoes, gold potatoes, sweet potatoes. Theyre all delicious. Watch videos of bodybuilders eating. They love plain baked potatoes and beds of rice with their meat.



I made it as kind of a smartassed sarcastic joke, but it conveys the simplicity of bulking so well that I decided to use it for real. Too many of us put our brains into overdrive to figure out how to gain quality weight, when it's not complicated at all.

Dieting while trying to retain as much muscle as possible is the complicated part.


I think sometimes people can get carried away with so much information that every once in a while they need to see something laid out simply like that flowchart to put them back on track, it also helps organize information for some people.