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My Bulker is Hosed


My winter bulker is totally fucked. About 3 weeks in, I got the worst diarrhea in my life, lasted for 10 days before I went to the doc. I started some antibiotics and had to abandon the cycle. Been about 15p days and I guess I am getting better, but still suffering. Couldn’t eat or train with itensity.

I was running a gram of Primo, 750 MG Test Cyp and 420 MG of VAR for a 10 weeker. The other shitty thing is I had bought about $ 400 of quality steak,salmon,roast etc. Still in the freezer…waiting.

Just venting, if this shit doesn’t get better I am headed to a GI doc. Hapy holidays to you all.

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At this point of my life, I can invest in Primo…or whatever substance.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I feel ya bro. I had to shelve my planned IGF/slin/test cycle, due to my back ‘going’ again. Now I’m just cruising until the new year, and rehabbing/being manipulated until it gets better (hopefully).

A gram of primo / week eh? Either you is mister moneybags or you’re brewing your own from powder… :wink:

Have you tried masteron with primo? A lovely combination IMO.

Good luck with the guts!


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Yeah that’s a low blow Bushy.

Hey 40 why the fuck did you have the squirts like that? Just a stomach bug?

It was bacterial and the antibiotics cleared it up. Some fucker probably didn’t wash his hands and infected who knows how many. I travel alot and eat out as much. It’s behind me and I plotting my next cycle…

By the way I wouldn’t wish that shit on my worst enemy.

Glad to hear you’re better. You still have 7 weeks of a cycle left :slight_smile: And a nice cycle at that.