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My Bulk Log

Ok so a while ago I posted abulk diet so I decided I should make a log on here to track progress. I’m 15 JV football/basketball, at 5’11, 143 Lbs. I run a 4.9 40 which I’d like to get in the 4.6’s this year and I know I can I just have to make some knee/ankle recovery.

June 21, 2006
6:15am - 2c Oats
1c Berries
1tbsp Honey
2 Whole Eggs/2 Whites
2oz Ham
2c Spinach

7:00am - Practice: weights til’ 8:15, sprint work/bleaches til’ 9

9:15am - 3c Milk
1 Serving Chocolate Syrup
2 Bananas
1 Scoop Whey

10:30am - 100g WW Pasta
1tbsp olive oil
3tbsp parmasean
1 cup kashi
2c broccoli

12:30pm - tri-o-plex bar
2c milk
.5c oats

2:30pm - 1 serving muscle milk
3 tbsp PB

4:30pm(pre practice) - 2 slices WW bread
4-5oz turkey breast
2c spinach
5:00pm - practice
7:30pm - ~8 chicken breast
1-2c barley
2c asparagus
1c broccoli

10:00pm - .5c cottage cheese
1oz walnuts
1-2 tbsp ground flax
2 fish caps

Today I was out of alot of things so it looks kind of repetative but my parents are going grocery shopping.

And usually we only have the one practice in the morning but we had a night time one today too.