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My Bulk Diet (Good or Bad?)

Hey I wanted to know what yall thought of my bulk diet? im 17 6"1 140lb (Ectomorph/underweight/I went a full school yr gaining 1 lb) and was going to check with yall before I started buying.

8:00 AM (2 Bowels) Oatmeal 140 Calories 2 Protein
(3) Eggs 70 Calories 6 Protein

10:00 AM (2) Toasts 60 Calories 2 Protein
(2 Tspn) Peanut butter 190 Calories 8 Protein

12:00 PM 3 (tsp) peanut 190 calories 8 protein
3 (tsp) jelly 50 calories
(6) bread 60 calories 2 protein

3:00 PM (1) Spahgetti Dinner 400 Calories 21 Protein

6:00 PM (3) Filets 100 Calories 23 Protein

9:00 3 (tsp) peanut 190 calories 8 protein
3 (tsp) jelly 50 calories
(6) bread 60 calories 2 protein

12:00 AM / Sleep (1 Cup) Milk 130 Calories 8 Protein
(2 tspn) Peanutbutter

(2) Cups of Milk 260 Calories

all together thats 4450 calories and 228 Protein
4 Scoops of Muscle Juice 3960 Calories 220 Protein

total of 8410 calories and 448 protein

Am I eating enough?

im just trying to gain weight/fat

It dont look bad is it working no one can tell you but you if your eating enough.

There is a total lack of veggies etc you might consider a greens supp as you have probs eating the quantity to get in the micro nutrients

If your not gaining add more

Looks low on fats as well very easy way to get more k/cals just some tablespoons of olive oil, fish oil etc


if your gaining weight it is good, I would add more veggies and fruit.

some of the food choices could be better but you are young and probaly don’t have say over what is bought so your are doing the right thing and just eating.

also as Phill said fats are your friends, maybe replace the ramean with pb&jelly sandwichs?

i could replace the ramen with 3 pbjs but i also have a job so i kinda get what i want.