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My Bulk Cycle for This Year

Hey Shadow i want to put on some serious size this year and im taking a year off from competing to build my self up for next year. this is the cycle i plan on running this year. Tren, EQ, Test, HGH, Insulin and IGF-1 my question to you is what dosages do you think i should run everything at? i plan on this cycle going 16 weeks. the hgh and insulin will be ran 4 weeks on then IGF1 for 4 weeks then back to hgh and insulin for 4 weeks then the last 4 weeks IGF1.

im going to run in like that because HGH is crazy expensive and this is more affordable to me to take a break and run IGF1. this will be my 4th cycle but my 1st time using HGH, Slin and IGF. any advice with this cycle i would appreciate. i know i gotta get my eating up get in that protein and calories. ill post cycle with nolva, clomid and HCG like i always do. thanks Shadow pro

Try asking this in the thread called “Shadow Pro Q/A 2.0”

oh okay im still figuring this whole forum thing out ive never done it before lol