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My Buddy's Before/After Experiment


After several years off of the gym my buddy decided to put in 3 months of hard work and proper dieting. I realize there is still plenty of work to be done but figured this was a pretty nice transformation and base to start with.

We could use some constructive criticism on things that we both need to work on (trainer/trainee).

As far as training goes it was the basics that you'd find all over this site. Compound movements, specified rest periods (especially during the fat burning phases) 6x3, 5x5, 5x10. HIIT on days between workouts, and then usually have 2 full days of nothing each week. Clean diet with little to no breads/grains.

Right off the bat I'm thinking we could lean him out for one more phase and focus on the lagging traps and quads.








It's strange how when everyone lose weight, they usually have a better haircut at the end. :slightly_smiling:

Other than that, great job.


Thanks man,

and you wouldn't have said that 2-3 weeks prior to the after pics. His recent haircut was a major botch but it was nothing 2-3 weeks couldn't fix.

His before and after body weight did not change much at all over the 3 months believe it or not.


Yea, that's usually the case in body transformations, a week a go I was the heaviest in my life, and I looked my best. (being skinny fat before)


Well the fact that he looked like he was twelve in the first picture. He did this in three months, he looks good. Ya'll did a great job, even though I am not sure what you did. Give him his ass cardio every night? Just fucking with you.

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3x weights per week (mwf)
2x cardio per week (Tue Thr)


yeah man, nice work, wat was the diet and routine like, always interesting to see what worked for different people. nice job :slight_smile:


Great transformation in a pretty short period of time.


Looks great!
What are his goals?


3 months to turn into Charles Atlas, well good job! Keep goin'!



Just wanna send out props to Creeep on this one. He had some solid weight routines all under an hour, cardio days were <20 min and the diet was easy to follow. This is the end of my week off and it's back to the iron on Monday; if you have any criticism let it fly!



Oh wait it's in your profile... 205 @ 5'11"

Poundages on some lifts?


Damn, solid. Very respectable for three months.

Can you give specifics on your routines and diet? I have made a two month goal for muscle gain back on July 5th, and four weeks in, I have lost half an inch on my waist and half an inch on my arms, but I have not gained or lost a single pound (I am at 175.8 as of right now) and I am taking in 2900(off days)-3700(mwf) kcal. Though you bring up HITT, and I really need to get back into some cardio. Once I purchase a stop watch I am going to get right on that!

Best of luck to you and your future gains, and I hope that my third month will show as much progress as yours!


Great question! I really don't have any set goals ATM. The next 4-6 weeks we'll work on leaning out more and go from there. Will probably do some measurements and then come up with some solid figures.

Haven't done any 1RM but here are some workout weights:

Squats: 275lbs X 3
Deadlifts: 295lbs X 3
Bench: 250lbs X 3
Dips: Body weight plus 105lbs X 3
Chins: 45lbs X 3

Those weights were all super sets with a total of 6-8 sets (3 reps). I ended the 3 months with those numbers they were far far lower to start. I should really do my 1 rep maxes but as I have been off for so long we haven't bothered yet.

Basic overview of the routine would be:
3-4 days per weeks weights
2 days per week cardio HITTS
All weight training days were full body
NO MACHINES!! Just barbell/dumbbells, chin/dip station and I lied cause I did use cables to do wood chops.
4-6 exercises per day
everyday is a full body workout
Exercises included:
Chin ups
Incline Press
Bench Press
Push Press/Jerks
Step Ups
few others none of which were single joint/isolation exercises
Cardio was sub 20 min and weight were sub 60 min each day.

Diet was 2200-3300 cals a day based on a 33% protein 33% Carb 33% Fat diet. No grains or dairy(other than whey protein before and after workouts); 6 meals a day plus a pre and post snack on weight days. Only supps used were a multi vit, creatine, Fish Oils (Flameout), and Greens. Virtually all my carbs were taken in through fruits and vegetables. Also my weight never changed through the 3 months always fairly consistent.

Edit: should add that I had 1-3 cheat "meals" a week. My cheats were saved up for the weekend I'd say 8 outta 12 weekends I drank 5+ adult beverages and I had a DQ blizzard almost every second week..... I kinda wonder how much more progress I coulda made with zero cheating...


What kind of diet/training plan were you using prior to this transformation?

What was the diet like?

btw nice work.


Prior to the transformation I was on the beer and chicken wing diet with weight training consisting of tall boys mon and friday and regular cans weds. Cardio was finding the remote three days a week. lol

If you mean 2 years prior I used to play football so I did squats, bench, cleans as my main exercises. Really didn't follow a diet plan if any it would have been a 60% carb 30% protein 10% fat from any source.... diet was very poor unlike what I used over the 90 days.

thx for the props!


So, where is that better haircut men?

Well I was always thinking that sun is very helpful...
let's see:
haircut - 1
body now - 3
transformation - 3

overall: 2.33333333333

so 2 :]