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My buddy in Dallas Needs a Trainer


He's got $$$$, he dieted down and did cardio from 240 to 185, he's like 5 8"
time to lift. any good trainers anyone can recommend?


Well CT does training doesn't he ?

Then you have the http://www.troponinnutrition.com/ guys

One of them will suffice ?


Check out the Cooper Aerobics Center, they have a few decent trainers there.

The membership is pretty expensive though


send his ass to Metroflex and have Brian train him.



There's one in Plano and one in Arlington.

Im lucky enough to get to workout at the Plano one all of this summer.


Thanks, maybe Metroflex would scare him.
I just don't want him giving money to a trainer having him do more curls than back movements.


most trainers hit everything equally TBH

their downfall is at their exercise selection IMO and their technique setup

trainers dont care about putting on mass, they want you to be 170 and "toned" and theyll have you do a lot of easy, well i dont think the stuff is easy, its just ineffective methods for mass like i said earlier.

a marathon is insanely grueling and would take years to be able to accomplish, let a lone winning, but just because its intensive exercise doesnt mean it will get you in good shape.

i still vote for Metroflex, if he gets scared of the western U.S. modern day bodybuilding mecca, he doesnt belong in a weight room to start.


i guess metro flex is 1 hour away

he did go to some personal trainer today

here's his post on our webmaster board

Miserable would sum it up.

Guy knew I had not really done much more then cardio in years, had me doing pushups for 1 min, squats for 1 min, and all this other miserable stuff. Was zero fun, miserable. And the kicker is that my heartrate was not even up, I was at 3 calories a min. When I go to the gym on my own, I do 7-10 a min.

I get a much better workout at the gym, on my own and save myself $50 an hour.


So think he needs to realize
cardio is one thing
lifting is another

don't worry about your heart rate when lifting.



ask him how many calories you burn from a 405 squat


ahahahaha yup :slightly_smiling:


I think John Berardi lives down there