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My buddy got jumped

My roomate got jumped this morning at the parking lot at work. This is the second time this year by the same guy. Both times he’s been totally blindsided by this asshole. The guy followed him to work and pretty much took his ass down from his blind spot while he was walking through the lot at his work.
I know there are a lot of fighters/brawlers on this forum and I’d like to know what kind of training I can suggest to him so this won’t happen again. He put out a warrant for the guy’s arrest but I’d like to make sure this shit does not happen again if he’s by himself.
Any suggestions?
BTW, he lives in Richmond,VA.

In Texas you can get a concealed handgun permit. I don’t know about Va, but thats what i’d do here in texas and the next time he blind sides me i’ll have something for him too.

Jesus that sucks,what did he do to piss this guy off?Bang his girl or somthing?Tell your buddy to carry mace

Is this guy who jumped your roommate quite a bit bigger than him? If not, the best short-term advice you can give is be more aware of your surroundings. As for martial arts training, wrestling/jiujitsu type of training would be best versus a single opponent.

If I got jumped once, no big deal. It has happened before.

Twice by the same guy, someone is getting shot.

Thx for the input bro but don’t want him going to prison.

You can get a concealed weapons permit in Virginia, but the city of Richmond may have laws that preclude it. The owner of a range in Fairfax put me through the shooting test for it just for fun, and I passed after having shot maybe 10 clips ever.

If he knows the guy who did it, why was there a 2nd time? Get his ass thrown in jail, then sue him and take all his stuff. Or burn his house down while he’s locked up (law school rejections getting me angrier by the day).

I wish every state was as badass as Texas.

Anyway, I’m not much of a fighter, but over on Chad Waterbury’s site there’s an article about TFT. Stands for Target Focus Training. Seems like it could help your friend out.

BTW, what is the guy’s problem? Did your friend do something to him?


This doesn’t really answer you question, but the same guy both times? Damn…Did he do something to piss the guy off before or is it just a coincidience?

ok, ok I’ll tell you why. He fucked his girlfriend a few good times behind the guy’s back. She was telling him they were over and my buddy did not know that this was not the case. I can see the reason for the first ass kicking a year ago but he has not even talked to her since and the other guy definately has some screws loose.
I still need some advice instead of getting a gun permit. Can only defend yourself with equal force and if he shot him he’d prob. go to prison.
Wish he’d try to get him while I was around.
He outweighs him by about 70-75lbs and got him in height by 6".

I don’t care who you are, if you get blindsided then there’s a pretty good chance that you will get hurt. Even if your armed you won’t have time to use the weapon. The only thing you can do is be ultra alert and park your car where you have good all round visibility and not in the less frequented bit of the car lot.
Unless you want to take things a step further, actively seek him out and let him know that he can’t fuck around with out comeback your only other choice is to go to the police. But if he’s got away with it once then he’ll probably do it again.

“I’d like to know what kind of training I can suggest to him so this won’t happen again.”

carry a fucking baseball bat next time!

oh and i cant wait untill all the tree huggers come out and start saying that defending yourself is the worng thing to do because youll be sued.

Expanding Baton. WHACK! WHACK!

There is no better defense than the one I am about to unveil to you!

Stay away from places where people get jumped, (thats the advice you can stop reading now if you like). You never mentioned exactly what sort of parking lot that your “buddy got jumped” in. Granted, it can happen anywhere, but most of the time these things occur in Bar parking lots before, during, or after hours.

If your “buddy” does not hang around these places he will not get “jumped.” Are there any other problems that I can solve for you? Glad to do it!

well since my gun solution is being met with resistance,

has your buddy considered pressing charges?

There has to be a reason for your buddy’s situation and maybe your buddy just hasn’t told you why. Maybe it’s an old grudge or a cuckolding… Once is an incident but twice ??? More than a coincidence…

Was your buddy on his cell phone ? Headphones ? Carrying a lot of stuff ? If he is doing anything that makes him look like a victim or unable to handle himself he will be targeted repeatedly… what’s the deal on your buddy’s size ? YOu have to give us more details on what you mean by “jumped”…
Hospitalization ? A simple sudden beatdown or a mugging ? Tell your buddy to simply pay more attention or change his route up a bit & stop being so predictable. Training for this kind of stuff falls under self-defense courses or streetfighting; none of which to my memory on this site Good luck to your friend.

He’s pressing charges as we speak and the cops are looking for the guy.
I’m all for the gun thing but in real life you shoot someone in self defense b/c they are hitting you with fists you are going to prison.
The lot was at his work in the moring at 830am. Well lit but the guy came around the corner charging him and got him on the ground on his back. I am really looking for some advice in regards to real world fighting tactics.
Everyone’s advice thus far is greatly appreciated.

That’s a pretty tall order dude. If the guy has that much size on your buddy, there is not much your buddy is going to be able to do physically if the guy comes after him again, blind sided or not. Your buddy will need to become a very skilled and experienced fighter in order to have a chance. If I were in your buddies situation, I would have no problem with the firearm option, then again, I live in Texas! Tough situation, hopefully the cops will take it seriously. How bad was your buddy hurt?

Nothing you can do to defend yourself when your blindsided - Pretty hard to get up and beat the other guy up after you’ve taken a hard punch and you’re not expecting it.

I had a friend who was stabbed and people were asking me why he didn’t defend himself - Uhhhhh when someone come up to you from behind and either clobbers you or sticks a knife in your back your screwed and that’s that.

Sounds like the guy who hit him is a nutjob. Who jumps a guy at 8:30 in the morning at their work!?? Anyway, I’d say press charges, and after it’s all said and done, find out every possible thing about this guy so that you/your friend have the upper hand. Know where his family lives, where he lives, his phone number, his license plates/car, his daily routine and any other info you can easily get. Let some time pass so that the incident is out of his mind. Then start anonymously fucking with this guys head. Then let a little more time pass and follow him somewhere where he’ll be alone and not many people will be around at night. Load up your car with some big friends, maybe a few lead pipes jump the fucker and beat the living shit out of him. Make sure he doesn’t know who did it and that there’s no witnesses. Revenge is a beautiful thing.